This blog is an honest, open sharing of my heart as I journey through
this crazy, sacred, grace-filled life.  I’m married to Wesley and we
have four amazing children – ages 13, 11, 10, and 2.

Ours is a humble story where we’ve learned over and over again why we
NEED a Saviour.  One day we whispered dreams of living in a little
country house where we could chop wood and grow a vegetable garden.  It seemed like
a complete impossibility.  Now,  we are beyond filled with joy to live
in our little (barely 900 square feet) 100-year-old country home nestled beside farmlands on one
side and a rushing river on the other. And yes, we chop wood.  And the garden is a work in progress…

In our neighbourhood there are chicks and chickens and streams and woodlands…

The whole Unplugged thing came upon us naturally.  God has revealed
truth to us in baby steps and our hearts have radically changed with
regard to our view of this crazy world.  So, yes, we live differently. I
admit it – we’re weird.  It’s ok.  I’ve come to terms with it.  I don’t
take myself too seriously… how can I?

We choose to walk a different path than most, but we unplug not to make a
point.  Not to stand apart for the sake of standing apart.  But to
follow our convictions and live fully alive.  And for us, really truly
living means desperately striving to unplug from the clutter of  culture, consumerism, pop-culture, and media and truly tune in to God and each

I did spend many, many years studying Media Arts and Television
Production with hopes of a career in the field.  Now, we live life
without a TV.  A radio host once said my life was a ‘complete oxymoron’
I laughed and in that moment – embraced the crazy truth.  It is my passion to reveal the many lies we are told through
the Media and give parents, educators, and kids the tools they need to
become more Media-aware.  But it is a far deeper passion that the souls of this world come to find and rejoice in the saving love and grace of Yeshua, Christ Jesus.

Big hugs and kisses from our family straight to yours.

 If I could reach though this screen, I would. 

Thank you for being here.

You can email me at: cldorman(at)sympatico(dot)ca.  I will do my absolute best to respond.

About Reviews:

I would be happy to review your family or home education-centered product if I feel it would be beneficial and healthy for the readers of this blog.  If you are interested in connecting with me, please email me at the above address.  Thank you.

About Affiliates:
Some of the links on this blog are Affiliate Links.  These are to products and programs I truly believe in as a Mom and Home Educator.  The (very small!) amount of income I receive through these links goes towards our family’s home education expenses… which is mostly books.  And more books.  So thank you for supporting my habit.  (laugh)

In Christ,


Our family in 2015

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  • Edward Przychocki

    Hello Cassandra and family. I was just reading your comment about Santa Claus. It reminded me about a friend's story, no not me, but truly another friend :), whose 7 ish yr old daughter came home from school one day clamoring to know if it was true what the other kids said, that Santa is not real, how could that be? Well, once mom and dad knew they could no longer keep up the ruse, they fessed up. Then the same girl asked, are you the Easter Bunny, yes they replied somewhat sheepishly, the Tooth Fairy? Yepper, that's us too. And then the big one … are you God? That one was a little trickier to answer. Attempting to answer that truthfully, as Christians, they told what they felt to be true about Jesus, however how could 'that' be true to a little girl who just discovered that 3 out of 4 faith driven 'beings' were a lie. It is better to suggest that Santa is a wonderful tradition and if you must, regard him as the Spirit of Christmas, Christ's Mass, but guard against the commercialization of the whole deal. The economy will muddle along somehow.

  • Franny

    I stumbled here looking for pictures of child slaves in the chocolate industry after my son told me of a Hershey's commercial that he thought was quite a lie (laughing, playing kids holding hands around the world). So as you may have noticed in your chocolate post, I linked your post. Then I came to read about you, and I am really really wondering, CAN YOUR FAMILY BE ANY MORE BEAUTIFUL? Wowzers. Love love love it all. May God's blessings continue to grace the lives of you and yours!

  • Cassandra

    Oh my gosh, thank you Franny… so kind of you. We aren't perfect… but we're working at making this one life count. Bless you and yours too and SO glad you stumbled here. I will definitely be visiting your blog as well. (love)

  • Franny

    Thank you for replying! I also read your Kony post and it I think it is very thought provoking. I am absolutely not even close to knowing what has been happening in Uganda. I hope that what little I have done to help the Stop Kony movement has not caused harm. I totally get that it is so complicated and that people have already tried to stop Kony and his like. I guess I am hoping that in the big picture, the Kony video going viral will be a positive thing for Africa and world issues in general. You are so right that I need to do more praying about it all.

  • Unknown


    I've just found your blog through The Better Mom site. I live in rural Ontario, have been entirely changed by Jesus and have a passion for exposing the lies of the media as well. How great it is to have found you here online! I look forward to reading more.

    I write a (very new) blog at Upgradual.wordpress.com about my journey as a new Christian. Please come visit if you get a moment. My goal is to be totally transparent as someone who came from the other end of the belief spectrum only to find my way home, by the grace of God.

    God bless,

  • Noah and Noo

    Dear Cassandra,

    To say that I love your blog would be an understatement. Truly. I am a South African woman… Mom to a very precious little boy of almost 5 years. He has autism and sensory processing disorder. We have chosen to Home School him as well and I gave up my career as an RN & Midwife the day we received that diagnosis. I am not sure that many would understand, but I view the road we walk as a HUGE blessing. Were it not for autism and a desperate desire NOT to leave my little boy at the mercy of peers and others who would NOT understand him, we would most likely not have considered Home Schooling. Every day is a tremendous adventure for us! We have many, many challenges, but God has allowed me the incredible privilege of being THERE 24 / 7 at his therapies, during his day, being able to awaken the flames of curiosity within my little man as he just blows our minds with the way that he is clawing his way out autism. I have (almost) never read one of your posts without crying. It's all good! I grew up in the countryside of South Africa and my memories are what spur me on for my little boy. I want him to LIVE nature. To know God as being EVERYTHING. Thank you for your honesty and transparency. I know that this can be very difficult to do. It is human nature after all to want to hide our failings and shortcomings… not that I am saying you have any… 😉 Just that it is refreshing. Thank you for your love for the people of Africa. It is an incredibly special place, with beautiful people. Much blessing, Liezel

  • Anonymous

    Dear Cassandra,
    I just found your site and feel so encouraged. You are living the life my husband and I are striving toward. We are sick of the rat race. The reasons you list for homeschooling are exactly the reasons we began homeschooling our children last year. Thank you for sharing your heart and your life with us. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family as you speak truth.

    • Cassandra

      Thanks, sweet Karen!!! We are still striving… every day… never really 'there', of course. 🙂 I'm so happy this blog is an encouragement for you. Much love.

  • Anonymous

    I have been looking online for concise Biblical reasons for homeschooling to share with Christian parents who are interested in home education. I like what I saw on your blog. I am writing to ask permission to use it to share through our ministry. Would you be willing to do so? Could you email it to me at stevep@projectstc.org? I am willing to publish it anonymously if you prefer. Thank you, Steve

  • Unknown

    Stumbled across your blog today and loving it! I am a fellow Christian stay at home mom blogger who is PLANNING to homeschool. Looking forward to sharing in your journey 🙂
    Carolyn , momentsinmommyland.com

  • Kaylee

    Randomly found your blog today, through The Better Mom site, and ohmyword, your story is similar to mine. I was dating my husband in college, and had all these big plans for world travel and missions, and then SURPRISE, we were pregnant, and married a year later. Now, here we are, with 3 little ones, 4 and under, and my life is not at all what I would ever imagined it to be, which is good – God sure does have better plans than I ever had! Anyways, just wanted to say hi!

  • Hannah

    I found your blog by searching for a Charlotte Mason curriculum (we start "1st grade" fall of 2016). I'm so glad I found you! Not only are your homeschooling posts so helpful but your lifestyle in general is such an inspiration. I too have 3 little ones (5.5, 3.5 and 5 months) and try to live a life of presence. I'm adding you to my blog list.

    Oh and your pictures are truly beautiful. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I love all of your wonderful posts. I'm planning for 2017 and I Have a question for you. Seeing that you have used sonlight core B and are currently using charlotte Mason would you recommend sonlight core B or charlotte Masons Genesis through Deuteronomy and ancient Egypt? My kids will be in first grade and third grade.