Joshua Aaron’s powerful Messianic worship music (I had to share this…)

Over the past few years our family has been profoundly blessed by the music of Joshua Aaron (and family).

Since the day his albums came in the mail, our family has not stopped playing and replaying them!  I was not asked in any way to do a review for these albums, I’m just sharing this because I really, really love Joshua’s heart, his music, his family, his message.

Joshua is a Messianic artist who writes, plays, sings, performs all his music and it is BEAUTIFUL.  It will draw you into worship so powerfully and peacefully but also motivate you to sing, dance, and get excited about the truth of Christ’s love!

If you are seeking deep, worshipful music that whispers the truth about our Hebrew roots and Christ’s love – you will surely enjoy Joshua Aaron’s music.

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Purchase Joshua Aaron’s music here.

Listen to some of his tunes here.

Some of our family’s favorite Joshua Aaron videos/songs:

Enjoy.  *smile*

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