The Compassion Experience Tour

This week our family (and some good friends) had the opportunity to go to the Compassion Experience Tour presented by Compassion International.

This is a completely interactive, story-based exhibit put on my Compassion International.  It is free and really worthwhile visiting if you have one close enough.  In a nutshell, you walk through a simulation of a child’s life from another part of the world.  These children face huge barriers and challenges in their lives and we walk through these right along with them as they tell their story through a headset/ipod that each visitor has in their hands.  It is a true ‘living story’ experience, friends.

We were all moved to near tears as we literally felt like we were immersed in the lives of these two precious children, Yanelly from Dominican Republic, and Jey from Kenya.   I will not give away their stories, in case you have the opportunity to visit the tour.  They are powerful, hard, heart-breaking, but then very hopeful stories of how the love the Jesus transforms lives.  The stories vary depending on where you catch the tour.

There are events coming up all over the United States so there are lots of opportunities to check it out with your children, family, or even homeschool group.  

(There were so many homeschoolers there when we went on a Monday!)
What I truly loved about this experience was how the kids got to really feel like they were part of this child’s life.  They listened so attentively to the story as it was told from the perspective of a child their age.  At the end (in the last room), we are invited to watch our ipod screen as the ‘real’ Jey or Yanelli appears and shares that this was their REAL story and they express how the love of Jesus shown to them through Compassion completely changed their lives.  It is powerful!!!

 I thought I would share our experience with you…

Also -just wanted to mention, the quality of these photos isn’t the best… which drives this A-type perfectionist slightly crazy.  However, the lighting was challenging and I was trying to snap shots while also remaining present in the experience… so forgive me!

Yeah… I’m taking the photo – you’ll rarely find me in many photos…  *wink*  This is my husband with our three kids (Alex in blue, Audrey in stripes and Simon in grey long sleeve), and our two very good friends, Chantal and Ian.

Yanelly’s story… growing up in poverty in the Dominican Republic.

Jey’s story… growing up in Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

Pray for Compassion International and all their volunteers as they tour the country sharing these stories in hopes of encouraging more people to join with them in bringing hope to those who need it most.  Praise God for the work He is doing through Compassion.

Have a lovely weekend, friends.

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