Read the World – a few Living Books for North America

Hi friends, and happy weekend.  It has been absolutely scorching here this week and will continue that way for the next several days.  We have been SO blessed to swim in lots of friends’ pools!  (Hooray for mooching everyone else’s backyard pools instead of having our own… ha!)

So, we haven’t had tons of time for reading aloud, but we did fit in a few books this week for the North America week.  I have to chuckle though because if I were to take photos of ALL the living books we’ve read set in North America – the post would be endless.  We have read hundreds over the past couple years.

Included here are simply the titles that I easily found from the Give your Child the World book.

By the way, honestly… be sure to check out Jamie’s book, Give your Child the World.  Many of the titles in the book were available at our local library which makes me very happy!!!  Hopefully you can too!?

So, this post serves as a reference and maybe even an inspiration for finding GREAT living books set in North America for further reading, learning, and exploration.

Interested in following along with Read the World?  Here’s the link to the main Read the World page.

And, here are the links to the North America pages:

Read the World North America
Growing Up in Canada  (yaye, my home and native land!!!)

Alright, so, my 11-year-old son read King of the Mound this week and really enjoyed it.  He just picked it up on his own and devoured the book in a day or so.

We didn’t read them THIS week, but this year we read both Johnny Tremain and Elijah of Buxton and, to be honest, both are among our favorite read-alouds of all time.  AMAZING living books.

We’ve read all the books in the photo below.  I actually really like the “An I can Read Book” titles.  They are meant to be readers, but we often just read them aloud together.

This week we also really enjoyed Brothers at Bat.  My kids were especially interested since we had just gone to a good friend’s little league game and hosted a whole pile of kids for a relaxed game of baseball at the park down the street.  This is a fascinating book about the true story of the all-brother baseball team that became famous in the 1920s/30s.  Great living book!

Have a great weekend, friends!

Coming up next week – posts about this years homeschool plans, Morning Time planning, and Read the World Middle East!

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