5 Creative Ways to Read Aloud this Summer

We used to homeschool all year.  It was SO MUCH EASIER when the kids were little.  They didn’t seem to notice that other kids we actually ‘out’ of school.  Now that they are 11, 9, and almost 8 – well, not so much.  They crave (and deserve) a little Summer break.  We all do.  And in fact, I truly believe that taking some much needed time for prayer, reflection, and rest is very important for homeschoolers.
However, that doesn’t mean we stop doing everything altogether when July hits.  We are always learning and always growing and most importantly – always READING!  Summer time is the perfect time to get in some great read-alouds the whole family will love.  Here are some creative ideas for infusing your Summer days with the love of literature.
For my post this month over at Hip Homeschool Moms, I’m giving 5 ideas to engage our families with books and reading together.

Come of over and join me there to read the rest! 

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