Book Review: Miracle on Voodoo Mountain by Megan Boudreaux

Alright, have any of you read Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis?  If you haven’t, you need to read it, cry, cheer, and be inspired by how God is using Katie and Amazima Ministries.  I read it several years ago and I clearly remember the strong urge I felt to drop everything and move to Uganda myself and pray God use me the way He was using Katie to touch the hearts and lives of children in Southern Uganda.  (That didn’t end up happening, by the way… I think just about everyone who reads her book feels the way I did.)

Miracle on Voodoo Mountain ignites the same ‘I need to do something’ feelings in the soul.  The stories of these two women have many similarities.  Except Megan wasn’t called to Uganda, she was called to Haiti.  And this book is her story of how God is uses the imperfect, unprepared, and willing to do unimaginable things for His Kingdom.

In Miracle on Voodoo Mountain, Megan Boudreaux takes you on a first-person, narrative journey of how God called her, how she answered, and what the first days, weeks, months, and years of her work in Haiti looked like.  It is as if you are chatting with a treasured friend.  (Can I just say, I love this type of writing…).

There were so many times I just couldn’t put the book down.  The things Megan experienced, the heart-wrenching choices she faced, the beautiful children she fights for throughout – jaw-dropping.  Her passion for justice is inspirational right down to the toes, friends.

The book tells of her experience with a corrupt orphanage and how God uses her to catch a child trafficker in a dangerous sting. (CRAZY!)  We read of how she first met her daughter-to-be and the building of the relationship and fight for her freedom from a life of slavery and torment as a restavek.

It is shocking to learn of how children in Haiti are used as domestic slaves, abused, treated a lower than animals even.  I can’t even wrap my mind around how someone could do this to any child.  But I also understand the darkness of a country filled with Voodoo, people filled with darkness, and a many whole people groups living in complete ignorance to what is right and wrong.

The stories of these precious children are both completely heart-wrenching but also triumphant.  Because in the midst of so much darkness – these is Light.  The light of Christ is changing the world for these children through people like Megan and ministries like the one she founded, Respire Haiti.

Through this organization, the Lord is using Megan and many others to bring these children out of darkness and into His glorious Light.  Through the Truth, love, education, health care, and a healthy community – hope is being brought to this community of Gressier, Haiti.

Miracle on Voodoo Mountain is FULL of stories of how God was faithful in the little and the huge through Megan’s journey of open handed obedience.  It is a book that will have you on the edge of your chair, crying, clenching your teeth, pounding your fists, cheering, and praising our God, who is able to do all things – who is able to pierce the darkness with His glorious Light.

I highly (HIGHLY) recommend this read for a wonderful “Mother Culture” type read for Mama or also as a read-aloud or reading book for high schoolers or late middle schoolers.

Wonderful, faith-building book.

And – guess what?  Megan married a wonderful man and they have adopted 4 Haitian orphans.  *cheer*

I absolutely love Megan, her story and how God is using her to touch the live of these precious children.

Here’s a short little video with Megan talking about her ministry, if you are interested.

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