Have you heard about the Read The World Summer Book Club?

Alright, so Jamie over at Simple Homeschool has written an amazing book.  Well, I haven’t actually read the whole thing quite yet (it literally JUST arrived in my mailbox)… but I KNOW it will be amazing.  I’ve flipped through it and have already fallen in love!  Also,  I have read and heard enough about it to know it’s going to rock … and, hey, if Sarah Mackenzie thinks it’s awesome, I’m sure it is!

What this book does is open up the world to our kids, one book at a time.  It walks us through the continents with LIVING BOOKS. *Does dance*  Seriously?!  This will be an invaluable resource, Mamas!  Especially for us Classical and Charlotte Mason homeschoolers who are constantly seeking fantastic living books to read to our children that are relevant, educational, and rich in content and storyline!  I was SO excited when I heard about this book!

So, to go along with the release of the book, Sarah and Jamie are hosting the Give Your Child the World Summer Reading Program.  

What a perfect time to dive into a whole bunch of wonderful living books about God’s beautiful earth?

Yes, we’re joining in!   The way we are joining is very simple.  I am looking at the scheduled regions for each week and just picking a bunch of books to put on hold from the library.  We will read what we can and find the area on the map and -voila.  Done.  That’s my kind of simple Summer enrichment, friends!!!

There’s still loads of time.  We are skipping the first week and jumping right into week two on July 4th, which is Africa!  But you really can join any time.  There are free downloads, prizes to be won – lots of exciting goodies for fun Summer learning!

You can see the full schedule right here.

You can watch Jamie’s intro video right here.

You can see a post about all the info you will need right here.

I encourage you to listen to the Read-Aloud Revival Podcast of Sarah chatting with Jamie about Give Your Child the World.  You can find it RIGHT HERE.

So, what do you think?  

Is your family in?

All you need is a copy of Give your Child the World and a library card to get started!

I’ll try to post our favorite reads from each week/country all Summer long, so stay tuned.

(hugs)  Have a wonderful long weekend, friends!


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