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Hey guys!  So, I’ve talked about PlanYOURYear and Pam Barnhill’s resources many times before.  I absolutely love her stuff. The PlanYOURYear book and resources are so hands-on, so practical.  They have helped me in many ways already and will continue to be a great resource for putting together our vision, goals, and plan for the coming ‘school’ year in our home.

For the next few days (until July 3rd), Pam is offering a FREE copy of her new ebook, The Homeschool Organizational Challenge with every purchase of any PlanYOURYear kit.

From my Review:

Honestly?  Pam has thought of everything we need to know to put together a fantastic homeschool year and put it in this extensive Plan Your Year Homeschool Planning Kit.   The kit includes the Planning Book (78 pages of step-by-step inspiration), over 40 printable planning pages to go along with the steps in the book, audio interviews with two lovely homeschool Moms and top bloggers/writers in the homeschool world.  For $24 – it is worth every penny as you can use the resources again and again.
I’ve been planning homeschool for seven years now and yet I’m still learning a ton and gleaning so much from the Plan Your Year Planning Book.  And as I’m reading through it and actually working through the steps (or action items, as Pam calls them), I’m realizing how great it feels to actually HAVE a well thought out plan.  A plan that is prayerfully considered.   A plan that places a priority on peace in the home and progress towards long-term visions and goals.

Within these sections there is a TON of information and encouragement for tackling each topic and the planning and evaluating tasks that go along with them.  There are also very specific “Action Items” that prompt you to actually do something.  (Oh, how I love this as it gives me the shove I need to actually PLAN and not just read books about planning…)

Yes, so – you will read through the section on Determining a Course of Study (for example) and at the end you will be prompted to use the Course of Study form (which you get for free with the purchase of the Plan Your Year Kit) to actually start putting pencil to paper and plan that course of study for your child.

This layout/format is so fantastic for busy Moms who want to work through a book and get results.  By the time you finish working through the Planning Book, if you’ve actually followed along and worked through the Action Items, you will have planned a FANTASTIC homeschool year.  I’m sure of it.

So, the layout of the Planning Book is awesome.  SO easy to follow.  Each section covers topics like: creating a vision, setting goals, determining a course of study, scheduling options, planning a week, evaluating and purchasing resources, building a booklist, organization, records, planning your day, etc. 

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The Homeschool Organization Challenge is a simple book that walks you through 28 days of challenges.  These range from how to organize paper, how to purge curriculum and books, how to organize art supplies, dust, use baskets… you name it. 
This would be a wonderful resource for those of you who struggle to organize your homeschool space even in spite of all your best efforts and intentions!  Pam has a wonderful way of making things so doable and practical and this ebook is no exception.  

I really wanted to share this promo with you all because it really is worth checking out, especially if you’ve already been considering purchasing the PlanYOURYear.  


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