3 Simple Ways to Take Control of the Screens in your Home

Here’s a peak at my post for Hip Homeschool Moms this month —

Most families have multiple screens in their home – between the TV, computers, iPads, iPods, cell phones, hand-held video games… for many, it can feel like the screens are taking over.  Do not get discouraged though – there is hope and there are very practical ways you can take control.

As a family, we decided to toss our TV almost a decade ago.  It was one of the best decisions we ever made in the quest to tame the screens.  This is always my first recommendation to families struggling with unplugging – get rid of the TV!  However, TV or no TV, we live in 2016 and most families have at least one screen in their home.  So, I wanted to offer some simple and easy ways we have taken control of the screen based media in our house.  These three things are obviously not an extensive list, but rather simple starting points that can make a huge difference.

3 simple things you can do to help take control of the screens in your home:

1. Keep all screens visible and in common areas.

2. Put passwords on everything.

3. Set the timer.

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