A Review of Bible Road Trip from Thinking Kids Press

We have really enjoyed the Bible Road Trip program from Thinking Kids Press.

This program is available in two formats.  You can access the curriculum and Notebooking Pages for every week of each year (there are three years) for FREE by downloading them individually through THIS LINK.

Alternatively, some people prefer to pay to be able to download everything with one click as a full PDF file, which is a huge time saver and very helpful.  The links throughout this post will take you to that option.  
Make sense?
From the site:

Bible Road Trip is an exciting journey which places you and your children in the driver’s seat! Aimed at youth grades PreK-12, Bible Road Trip will allow your family to survey the Bible cover-to-cover in 3 years ~ with breaks for summer. There are notebooking pages available for the Lower Grammar (Grades 1-3), Upper Grammar (Grades 4-6) and Dialectic (Grades 7-9) levels. Students at the Rhetoric level (Grades 10-12) will keep their own notebooks and be busy sharing their information with others!

From Danika Cooley (the author):

“I wanted more than to intimately know God’s Word. I wanted my kids to know it too. But I
couldn’t find a curriculum that had my children actually studying the Bible and reading it too. 

wanted them to really read Scripture not just snippets of it. I found curriculums that taught
theology, doctrine and worldview. I found synopses of the Bible. I found a curriculum with study
questions for each verse, but nothing to guide the children into the history of the writers and the

Where were the Bible curriculums that would teach my boys about Judges who wrote it, when,
why, what the major themes were, and what it all means then walked them through reading it?
Where were the multi-media curriculums that still used the Bible along with their teaching?
I couldn’t find what I wanted. I know I’m picky. But the Bible is important to me. Teaching it
to my kids is the main focus of my parenting. I can’t think of anything more important than

having my children understand the whole of Scripture.

…That’s why I wrote Bible Road Trip.”

Amen!!!  I love Danika’s heart and the flow of the program does exactly what she promises – it gets you and your kids into scripture- deep into scripture.  Not only reading the passages, but understanding them and asking questions, finding truths, themes, connections – and then Notebooking about what you are learning.

This year we have been working through Year 1: The Books of the Law and History.  There are 32 weeks in the first year.   Each level involves mostly reading scriptures and working on memory verses.  There are, however, other resources needed to do the full program.  These required additional books vary, depending on the age of the child using the program.  (Each year covers levels for Grades 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12).

So, for us, we needed to get our hands on What the Bible is All About for Young Explorers, and Window on the World.  We of course also needed a bible (several if possible) and some reproducible maps are recommended (free online).  So, the cost of the program is very minimal.

The curriculum is INCREDIBLY comprehensive.  It is literally open-and-go. The curriculum includes all the age levels in one place.  Simply follow along at the appropriate level for your child’s age.

Here’s an example of the flow from Week Two of Year 1 from the grade 4-6 level:


Researching the Word: You are reading from What the Bible is all About for Young Explorers
Reading the Word: You are reading from Genesis chapters 37, 39, 40-42, 43-45, 46, 48,49-50.  There are suggested questions and conversation starters.
Memorizing the Word: You are reviewing verses from previous weeks, memorizing Psalm 105:23-24 and Genesis 50:20, and kids are encouraged to record verses.
Notebooking about the Word: Here kids are diagramming Jacob’s family tree, showing and writing about what happens in Pharoah’s Dreams, Notebooking about what they’ve learned in their readings through Genesis.
Praying about the Word:  Here you are using Window on the World to read about and pray for Saudi Arabia.  There is a Noteboking page that goes along with this.
Learning More About the Word:  Danika suggests watching ‘What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver DVD 2″, and encourages discussion about salvation and redemption.
Crafting Through the Word: Here Danika gives suggestions such as, painting a picture of one of the dreams from Genesis 37-41, or building a pyramid out of Legos.
As you can see, there is a TON in this program.  I don’t think there is a week yet where we’ve done everything suggested in the guide.  We pick and choose our Notebooking pages and do the best we can with discussion.  In fact, more than once, we have taken 2 weeks to finish 1 week of curriculum just so we can ensure we are really reading the scripture and taking it all in.
The Notebooking pages are beautifully done and we have really enjoyed using them.  They come in various levels as well, which is really helpful!  (There are primary lines on the junior level Notebooking pages.)
Danika has done a wonderful job of creating and engaging, meaningful Bible program that feeds the soul and the mind.  I really enjoy Bible Road Trip and will continue to use it as a cherished resources in our homeschool.
Hope this is helpful! 

Some of our Notebooking Pages from Bible Road Trip:

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