Words to Dream On {Books Worth Reading Review}

I am always on the look out for meaningful, beautiful books to read at bedtime.  We are at a stage in our lives now where I will often trade off with my husband and we will try to each spend a little time with each child separately.  This means we sometimes read three different books after our family read-aloud.

My daughter and I absolutely loved Words to Dream On by Diane Stortz.  At first glance, you might think it is a book for very young children, but, even at nine, Audrey really enjoyed having this read to her.  I would say this book would work for children age 3-8 or 9, depending on the child.

This is a bible storybook with a special focus on bedtime reading.  Each story follows the same rhythm:

Title is followed by the scripture reference of where the account can be found in the bible.  Then there are Words to Dream On, which is scripture.  Then comes the story in full – and these are very well written and engaging.  After the story we have the Sleepy-Time Prayer which is a short prayer related to the story read.  The section ends with a Bedtime Blessing – a truth to take to heart from God’s word.

There are 26 stories from the Old Testament and 25 from the New Testament.

Here is an example of some of the wording from the story titled, He Will Come Again.  

Scripture reference: Luke 24; John 21; Acts 1.

Words to Dream On: We are eagerly waiting for Him to return. Phil. 3:20

Excerpt: “After Jesus rose, He spent time with His disciples, helping them understand what had happened.  He met two of them as they walked along the road and reminded them what God’s messengers, the prophets, had written.  ‘I am the One God sent,’ Jesus said.  ‘Everything happened just as I told you.  You saw all these things, so you are My witnesses…”

Bedtime Blessing:  Jesus will come again.

Sleepy-Time Prayer:

Dear God, thank you for everything Jesus did.  Thank you that He will come back someday!  Good night, God! Amen.

I really loved this rhythm because the scripture and story combined with the prayer and blessing was so precious to read at bedtime.  It really is a peaceful, lovely way to end the day.

The illustrations are breath-taking and the quality of the book is fantastic.

As a Mama who has read countless ‘bible story’ books, I would highly recommend Words to Dream On to friends, family, and all of you lovely people reading these words!


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