Three Ways to Choose Joy in the Everyday Homeschool

As homeschool Moms, most of us juggle about a hundred tasks every day (every hour?).  With the feeling that there is just so much ‘to do’, there is also the struggle to maintain the atmosphere of peace and joy we all long for in our homes.
We’ve had those days.  Those blissful, wonderful, happy, joyful days.  The sun in shining, the breeze is warm and all is well in this happy little home.
And then, there’s the normal days.  The ones where we’re happy most of the time but there is just that hint of argument between siblings or that lack of patience from Mom or that whiny, “HOW many letters to I have to write?” attitude.  And it doesn’t take much for joy to flee from us.  I know the battle.
So, I wanted to share with you three ways I have found really help our family maintain a peaceful atmosphere in our homeschool.  Hopefully, they will offer some encouragement to your heart today.

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