Thought I’d share the sale at NotebookingPages.com – for those looking to invest in Notebooking!

So, I’ve shared many-a-time how much I love NotebookingPages.com.

This site has inspired me in so many ways to embrace a much simpler, more enriching homeschool lifestyle.  And for a Mama who is trying to embrace a living books, Notebooking-focused philosophy, this site has been invaluable for me!

Pretty much every single time I need a Notebooking Page about something, someone, or some random topic – they have it.

Blank, lined primary pages?  Yes!
Pretty notebooking pages for the girly-girl in your life?  Yep.
Straight-forward, no frills pages for the logical, linear boy in your life?  Thank goodness, yes.
Notebooking pages on Queen Elizabeth I?  Yep.
Shakespeare? Yes, he’s there.
Walter De La Mare? Yes.
William Blake?  Yep!
Squanto?  You bet.
Provinces of Canada?  Even that!
Early American settlement?  Sure, lots.
Ancient History? Loads.
Biography pages for historical figures?  So many!
Human anatomy?  Yep.
Nature Studies of plants and animals?  Yes, they have more than I think we could ever use.

It’s so great to think, “Oh!  We should include a Notebooking Page about that!”  And voila, they usually have what I need!  🙂  Saves time, energy, confusion, and makes Notebooking so much easier and more interesting for our whole family.

I’m not a big one on sharing “sales”, but I thought with all the focus I’ve had on Notebooking lately, it would be worth sharing this great deal on a LIFETIME membership.   The sale ends  Monday night.

Check it out if you wish, if you are looking to embrace Notebooking in your homeschool, it is well worth the investment!

Cyber Weekend Membership Sale

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Just a couple examples of Notebooking Pages we’ve done from NotebookingPages.com:

Honestly, the options are endless – from topical pages to blank pages to fancy borders, boxes, primary lined pages, biographical, geographical, science…  
(This post contains affiliate links, thanks!)

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