Snapshots of Nature Study -Jewelweed {Charlotte Mason Monday}

Alright –  because so many of you lovely ladies have been asking for more posts on Nature Study, I decided to start sharing more Nature Study ideas on Charlotte Mason Monday.  I will call these posts “Snapshots of Nature Study”, because I like cute alliterations, but also because they really will be more like snapshots – not lengthly posts, just some photos and captions that will hopefully inspire some more ideas for how to implement simple Nature Study into your home!

Our Jewelweed Nature Study was done a couple weeks ago now, but I really wanted to share it because we had so much fun studying this interesting plant!
The best time to study Jewelweed in Southern Ontario and in the Northern States is August and September.
We became interested in these plants when good friends of ours came over and showed us how the seed pods POP when you touch them!  That was it, the kids were intrigued.  And that is exactly how a great Nature Study is started – simply from a natural interest in something found in God’s amazing world.

Snapshots of Nature Study (what we did):

First, we looked at the Jewelweed we had in our backyard (behind the chicken coop) and observed everything we could about the plant.

Then, we spent a couple days reading through the pages about Jewelweed in The Handbook of Nature Study.  We use this book for most every Nature Study we do – it is a well-written living book for all things Nature.

After we read about the ideal locations to find Jewelweed (moist soil or near streams and ponds), we went on Nature Walks near our home on a mission to find Jewelweed.

We also studied how the Jewelweed leaves react when they are placed in water.  This is really interesting because many Naturalists believe this is where the name “Jewelweed” derives from – the leaves sparkle in the water.  Just like beautiful jewels, the leaves glisten and shine.  It is truly beautiful!

As we do for most of our Nature Studies, we also did some close-up observations and added sketches and information to our Nature Notebooks.  

The children also did an oral narration with the prompt being: “Tell me everything you know about Jewelweed”. 

The Jewelweed Nature Study pages are from NotebookingPages.com.  LOVE that site!!!

Thanks for reading!

Happy Monday!

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