All About Reading Level 1 {A Review Update – we’re almost done!}

We ‘homeschool’ all through the Summer.  It’s just a family routine that works well for us.  So, this Summer, Alex has worked through All About Reading Level 1.  Audrey has been working through Level 2.  We absolutely LOVE this program.  The children actually ask if they can do All About Reading in the mornings.  It is their go-to ‘work’ that they truly do enjoy.
These photos were actually taken a couple weeks ago (it has been a very busy time in our home).  I wanted to share this update because I think it’s important to show how a child can progress through the program.  At this point, he moved very quickly and excitedly and finished the rest of the program in only a few weeks!

My full review of All About Reading is coming in a couple weeks, but I thought I would share some snapshots and thoughts from one of our mid-way lessons.

I really enjoy the All About Reading ‘readers’.  Although they are called Readers, they don’t feel like the readers I am familiar with from so many other programs.  They are beautifully illustrated in pencil sketches, have lovely frames and a sort of vintage feel about them.  They are hard cover, high quality books.  The children feel like they are reading ‘real books’ when they are reading through them.  The stories are engaging and not non-sensical and ill-written like many readers I tend to come across.  I really appreciate these qualities as it makes these work better within our Charlotte Mason philosophy of education.

Still LOVING the step-by-step, easy-peasy Teacher’s Guide.  This program truly is open and go.

Practicing compound words with Charlotte Mason-style word building and a fun game with matching birds (loved this one).

Word cards for Lesson 40, compound words.  The children really enjoy working through the word cards and putting them in that ‘mastered’ section!

Another example of the types of activities/games that All About Reading uses to reinforce the concepts learned.  This is one where children ‘chop’ the words in half in the middle of the two words which make up the compound word.  Our children have really loved all the games.

Every new lesson always has the fluency practice sheets.  Our kids actually quite like these sheets (which I didn’t expect!).  We use them to practice new words and read through sentences and phrases which incorporate the new concepts they are learning.  Here is an example from Lesson 40.

I quite enjoy this method of presenting sentences in stages and steps.  It instills a sense of confidence in a child’s ability to read longer sentences.

Good job, buddy… look at all those stickers and all that progress!  His reading has improved by leaps and bounds this Summer thanks to All about Reading!

In the next few weeks I will be sharing my full review of Level 1 and sharing how Alex did at the very end, as he completes the level.

So far, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about All About Reading.  What a fantastic, gentle, enjoyable reading program!

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