Free downloads of Charlotte Mason Geography (Elementary Geography and Long’s Home Geography)

Hello, and welcome to the first Charlotte Mason Monday of the new ‘school year’!

I’ve been madly planning for our *new and revised* year of homeschool.  It’s been hectic but I’m really excited about the direction we are going (I’ll post more on that in the coming weeks)!

As for today’s Charlotte Mason Monday, I wanted to share two files I created this past week.  It took quite some time but I think it was worth it.  These are PDF files of both Elementary Geography written by Charlotte Mason and Long’s Home Geography for Primary Grades.  These are both wonderful, living geography books that we use in our home.  They are also recommended by Ambleside.

I am a book person (understatement of the year…).  I really love to have nice books to work with.  This is why I often print and bind my own books of curriculum and literature that is available for free online.  Both these books are in the public domain.  (Elementary Geography is here, Long’s Home Geography for Primary Grades is here.)

The basic files, when printed as they are given online, printed poorly for me.  I wanted to create PDFs where the images and wording all lined up and they were easy to print off for binding or home use in a binder.  I was able to send these off to Staples to be printed (I did double sided) and bound for about $10 each.  They turned out lovely, I think!

I mean, come on – who doesn’t love a nicely lined up, self-bound book of a geography program for 1906?

Yes, us Charlotte Mason-ers are nerds.

Hope these help some other Moms out there!  Blessings~!

Download the files here:

Charlotte Mason’s Elementary Geography

Long’s Home Geography for Primary Grades


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