Planning Five in a Row {Some ideas, free downloads, and my first video…}

I have had so many of you ask about planning Five in a Row.  I have tried and tried to take enough photos to properly explain how I plan, but I never felt satisfied.  I finally had the idea to try to put together a little video.  This video is by no means perfect (I’m such a newbie to videos!) but I hope it will be helpful to some of you in implementing Five in a Row in your home.

I plan quite extensively for everything we do in our homeschool.  And yes, this includes our Five in a Row units.  I would say I typically spend about 2-3 hours per week planning, printing, and preparing our work.  (We have three children, aged 6 through 10).

Every homeschool Mom is different, so the way I plan may be nothing like the way someone else plans.  There is no ‘right’ way to plan for Five in a Row, and I know Moms who plan far less than I do and have great success with the program.  For me, it is what I need to do to feel confident and ready to implement our day-to-day learning.

I had lots of requests to show how I plan, so that’s what I’m sharing!  (smile)

So, here’s an imperfect glimpse into how I plan Five in a Row for our homeschool:

(You may want to consider clicking through to watch on YouTube if you would like a larger screen view!)

Links to the Free Planning Files I show in the video:

Month by Month Planner

Yearly Planner for FIAR

Planning our Row Sheet

Weekly Planner

If you are having trouble downloading from here, you can also find these in the ‘files’ section of the Five in a Row Facebook Group.

A couple more links:

Always check out Delightful Learning for GREAT Five in a Row resources.  Here is a link to Michelle’s planning posts –

Planning BFIAR part 1
Planning BFIAR part 2

Another great link I recently found is THIS ONE from FaithandGoodWorks.com.  I really like her planning tools as well!  Hooray for free downloads.

Thanks for reading and be blessed! 


  • Marion

    I am sending this link to my daughters as they begin they explore the wonderful world of home schooling with my grandies. My days of rowing with my youngest have come to an end. Yet I wish I had had this resource you are offering from your experiences. Thank you!

  • Unknown

    Are you still planning on using Heart of Dakota this Fall? If so, how do you integrate your rows with the HOD schedule? I am planning to use Little hearts this Fall, but I have a soft spot for FIAR any advice on how you do this would be helpful. Thanks!

    • Cassandra

      Hi Annie, so, I haven't fully posted about this but I actually decided to drop Little Hearts. My son (nearly 7) wasn't really digging it and I wasn't loving the read-aloud options, to be honest. Because I love FIAR so much and had done the majority of Vol. 1 with the two older children when my youngest was just 2 and 3… I saw it as a chance to re-do Vol 1 (and some of 2/3) with Alex instead of doing HOD with him. For that young age, I just felt FIAR would give me more of what I was looking for for him. Our older two children are using Beyond and Bigger this coming year. 🙂

  • Desiree

    This really helps me as I haven't been very good at planning a FIAR unit. I love using it, but we don't always do it completely because I don't plan very well. All this gives me a little boost to do something I've never really been good at doing before. Thanks!

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