A Review of Tyndale’s Chronicles of Narnia

I was absolutely thrilled to review Focus on the Family Radio Theatre’s: The Chronicles of Narnia audio discs.  We listened to all seven books in about three weeks!  Our children completely loved every title and we’ve already started listening the The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe a second time through.
Now, I should preface this by mentioning, we are big Narnia fans.  Our children (ages 10, 8, and 6) have already had the stories read to them aloud by my husband, some children, more than once.  So, I knew upon receiving the CDs, we  truly adored the stories and the meaning behind them.
Even having heard the stories before, it was a new and exciting experience listening to the dramatized versions of the stories of Narnia.   Because we listened in the car, I listened along to every book with the children and enjoyed them just as much as the children, I’m sure!
First of all, Focus on the Family Radio Theatre did an incredible job with the Narnia series.  We were all on the edge of our (car)seats as we listened to the stories unfold complete with theatrical music, believable character voices, and life-like sound effects.
To read the rest of the review and also my Hip Homeschool friend Wendy’s thoughts – join me over here!  (The giveaway is over, sorry, but I really still wanted to share this review!)


  • michelle

    Hi Cass, may I please ask you for your thoughts about the Chronicles of Narnia in regards to what we were taught (I'd value your insight if you can help.) We don't watch these movies/read these books and haven't since we started following God's ways because #1 magic is portrayed as good (Bible says magic is evil and woe to those who call evil good) and #2 Christ is made into the image of a 4 footed beast (Aslan, the lion) – I recall that the lion represents Christ figure, right?

    We tend to be more strict than others and though we much freedom in following God's ways, I trust that God will correct me if I am wrong. C.S. Lewis is not allowed in our home currently and now I'm wondering if that is too strict (I've read much about his profession of his faith and that it was not real). I love God so much and want to honor him in all we do. Can you share why these books/movies are okay for your family in light of the above? I promise this is not in judgement of you or an attempt to change your mind – I truly want to understand. 🙂

  • Cassandra

    Hi Michelle! So sorry that it took me so long to respond! We do not watch the movies (just to clarify) as I find them way too dark/scary for the kids and actually quite 'off' of what the original books were. I felt the same way you did, actually, when my husband wanted to read the Narnia books with our eldest son. I was very unsure of them as I knew they were 'mystical' and I also struggled with the 'magic' themes in the books. I too have read about some of Lewis' beliefs though I haven't haerd before that his faith wasn't 'real'. His works certainly don't portray a man who is unsure about his belief in Christ as Messiah (from what I've read).

    I absolutely do not take offence to the question of "why are these books okay for your family>?" I think it is a really good question and its one I'm now mulling over (thank you for inspiring me to think deeper on this issue!). Having read all the Narnia series, I can honestly say that I believe that our reading them did not make me feel in any way like we were dishonoring to God. Despite CS Lewis' imperfections, these books are filled with themes of Christ's saving grace and love and who He is as Saviour. Yes, Aslan is the symbol of Christ and He is very biblically accurate. He is also portrayed as a lamb (The Lion and The Lamb). He gives up his life and is later raised again for the sins of one young boy. It is a word-for-word symbolic representation of Christ's sacrifice on the cross and I was strongly moved to a state of deep contemplation and worship. These books lead to great conversations with our children about the 'afterlife' and eternity and the truth about the spiritual realm vs. the earthly realms. Also, the depth of Christ's love for us and presence in our lives. So, in that regard, these books inspired us to draw closer to God's truths.
    It is a hard one because it boils down to conviction and how your spirit feels about it. As I said, I was pretty "anti-Narnia" a few years ago, so I completely understand that stance. We have chosen not to allow the movies and even some parts of the audio dramas were a bit intense and we did skip a couple parts… but all in all, I felt they were inspiring, wonderful literary adventures that reminded us of the power of the gospel. This is an interesting topic because JUST tonight I was talking with my husband about the reality of how many books we read in our homeschool and in contrast, how much time do we spend reading the BEST living book every written? I hope this helps answer a few of your thoughts… as you know, it all comes down to how you feel in your spirit about something… and who knows, maybe my spirit will change towards these books, so I can never know! Lots of love.

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