Easy Piano Basics from JazzEdge (learning piano at home and a quick review!)

Lately, our kids have been showing an interest in playing piano.  They love to make sounds with the keys and mess around with little songs I’ve taught them but they don’t have much real piano knowledge.

So, I’m curious if any of you have heard of JazzEdge?  We’ve been trying out Easy Piano Basics, and we really like it!

Basically, what JazzEdge offers is at-home, online lessons in Piano and Drums at various levels of difficulty.  The instructor is Willie Myette, who is a renowned pianist and teacher.  I really like his style and presentation.  He is very friendly, warm, and easy to follow.  He also doesn’t talk down to his students or to children – he is very likeable, which is important if you’re going to take lessons from him every day!

I’m really considering doing Home School Piano with the kids this coming year (once they’ve finished with Easy Piano Basics).  It looks fantastic! Up to five students can have an account with the one-time fee, which is awesome.  I think it’s a pretty convenient, easy, affordable way to engage the kids in music.

For Easy Piano Basics, kids (and adults!) walk through the very basics of Piano.  This is perfect for our kids because they really don’t know anything about the instrument.  Lessons are very short (usually 10 minutes or less) and easy to follow.  Suggestions for what to practice and review are given at the end of the lesson.

For Lesson 1, our kids learned about the notes of the piano and how to find Middle C.  Mr. Myette walked them through finding the different colours on the keys, then locating the black keys in groups of 3 and 2.  Using this technique, he guides the kids to find the groups of 2 black keys and look for the next white key to the left.  There is C.  Our kids really liked this way of finding C because it was fun and very simple for them to follow.  They then practiced finding all the Cs on the keyboard using the same method.  Easy peasy – but it gets harder!

In Lesson 20, we start to learn how to play hands together.  Mr. Myette gives incredible detail and is very encouraging as he teaches.  He walks us literally step-by-step through the beginnings of reading music and playing with two hands.  There is downloadable sheet music (very simplistic) that goes along with the later lessons.

Easy Piano Basics includes lessons like,  The Notes of the Piano, Low and High Notes, the Musical Alphabet, Five Finger Scale, Half and Whole Steps, The Grand Staff, Time Signatures, Ties, Sharps and Flats, and many more.  There are 32 lessons in total.  Once we’re done with Easy Piano Basics, if the children are really enjoying it and learning a lot, we would likely move on to HomeSchoolPiano.

I just had to share about this find because it is such a neat program and could be a great fit for many families seeking an affordable, convenient Piano Lesson alternative!


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