Keep it Simple Nature Studies – why not try an ABC Nature Walk?

In our family, we love spending time outside.  As much as the children enjoying nature walks, however, at times they need some encouragement to get out and get moving.  (Let’s face it, we’ve been visiting the river almost every day for years now!)  Sometimes, you just need something a little extra to motivate everyone to enjoy a nice walk and some refreshing time outdoors.
Something fun we tried this week was a simple ABC Nature Walk.  I actually got this idea from Shining Dawn Books’ 100+ Easy and Simple Creative Nature Walks.  (I love this resource, and all her Nature Study units by the way… so many GREAT ideas!)  
For this walk, I just drew a very easy chart with the letters of the alphabet and spaces to print and brought it along on a clipboard.  This is all about having fun but keeping it very simple…

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