A review of The Story for Kids

The Story for Kids, in its simplest form, is a bible story book for ‘big kids’.  This edition is written for the target age of 9-12 but we easily read it aloud with our six and eight year old children.

I was actually really excited to review this book, but unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my expectations.  I was hoping for a real ‘living book’ of bible accounts.  I was hoping that, since it was called “The Story for Kids” and was aimed at older children, it would read like a really great book.
But, I was disappointed with the writing and quality of this book, to be completely honest (and these reviews are supposed to be honest!)

Here’s the truth:

This book has bible stories in a chronological order from Creation (The Beginning of Life as We Know It) to Revelation.  Though it spans the entire Word of God in theory, it does not go into great detail.  Because of the nature of the length of the chapters, much is left out from each account, which I found disappointing, especially for our children who long for those details.  There are 31 chapters and the entire book is 260 pages.

To give an example, we read through the story of Esther for Purim.  This book does not include any detail about the beginning of the story as to why the King was seeking a new Queen.  I view this as an incredibly important part of the story in light of the cross and the deeper prophetic meaning in this historical account of the King of Persia.  It also did not talk about Haman’s plan to kill Mordecai and how it turned around on him and he ended up being killed in the very manner he planned for Mordecai.  It does not even mention that Haman is killed in the end!

Missing details like this make this bible feel much more like a story bible for young children, not one for the intended age of 9-12.  

What I liked about it:

  • This book has an easy to follow layout with clearly labeled chapters and table of contents.  Topics are easily found.
  • There were Discussion Questions at the end of each chapter which included questions like, “Have you ever wondered if God was going to help you when you were afraid?  What can you do when you feel this way?” and “Why should we pray for people (even those who do mean things)?
  • It is an easy read, easy to understand and each chapter can be read with children of all ages in one sitting.  
  • It has a section in the back where a list of Bible Excerpts can be found.  Because this is not the full Word of God, they have listed which parts of the chapters were taking directly from the bible.

To lean to the positive side of things, The Story for Kids does present the main historical ‘points’ of the bible and would be interesting for a new believer or a child/family who might not have a lot of biblical exposure.

Thanks for reading, I hope this review might help some parents with their choices in what to invest in for their families.


I was given a copy of this book by ZonderKidz through BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review, which is what you’ve just read. 

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