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Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking and praying about how we *do* home education.  I’ve been revamping and reorganizing and wondering if I’m really getting this thing even close to right.

There’s no doubt, sometimes I do feel a bit overwhelmed with homeschooling our now 9, 8, and 6-year-old children.  But, the truth is – for the most part, I’m very much at peace with our day-to-day life.  I feel like I’m finally finding our ‘groove’ and we’ve been doing this for 6 years!  What keeps me going as a homeschooler is my faith in the Lord, Yeshua, and my certainty of this calling on my life.  Without His supernatural strength and the direction, love, patience (and anything close to good!) that the Lord gives me every day, I could never do this the way I feel called.

One of the ways I felt God has led me over the years, is to introduce me to the life-changing philosophies of Charlotte Mason.

Oh, the freedom, the hope, the absolute joy I felt at finding that there was a gentle, Christ-centered, exciting, incredibly effective way to learn with our children!  A philosophy that valued a relationship with Almighty, character, and the health of the spirit over worldly knowledge!  I wanted to jump up and down and fall to my knees at the same time.

I remember the first time I sat in our local Charlotte Mason meeting and was blown away by the depth of the conversation about educating our ‘whole child’ and how education is far more than books and numbers.  I was awed and deeply moved.  It resonated so deeply with me because that was exactly why I was homeschooling – because I valued my children’s spiritual walk and character more than anything else.

I spoke more about our reasons for choosing a Charlotte Mason philosophy in this post.

Since our journey with Charlotte Mason began nearly 4 years ago, I have spoken to so many homeschooling Moms who aren’t just seeking a different way of doing ‘school’, but a fresh way of doing life.   Moms are seeking a new kind of education (which really isn’t new at all but actually quite old!).

Moms who along with me are looking for the peaceful freedom that so often comes along with this lovely philosophy of learning and life.  I’ve been so excited and humbled to share our experiences and lessons about Charlotte Mason’s philosophies and methods and how we’ve learned and grown.

So, I thought I would share these ideas and thoughts regularly here on The Unplugged Family. I’m not by any means ‘there’.  We are still very much learning what it means to truly let go and embrace the freedom bringing insights and ideals of Mrs. Mason.  I can say, however,  her philosophies have brought nothing but joy, a closer relationship with Christ, a deeper way of thinking, a higher level of understanding about our world, and in my opinion, a real, living education.

I’m not sure exactly what these Charlotte Mason Mondays will entail yet.  We’ll see how we’re led!  A little bit of philosophy, a little bit of hands-on ‘how on earth do I do this in my home?’, and probably a lot of examples and ideas from our everyday experiences, lessons, and learning.

We’ll talk about all kinds of things, Lord willing…  Bible and Faith studies, Scripture Memory, Hero Studies, Poetry, Art and Picture Study, Spelling, Language Arts, Living Books and Whole Books, Math, Science and Nature Study, and much, much more!

I’m excited to learn together more about this wonderfully rich way of education that paved the way for the thoughtful child and family so many years ago.  I hope you’ll join along!

To get started, can I recommend a some great Charlotte Mason resources?

A Charlotte Mason Companion – my absolute favourite Charlotte Mason book/resource.  I couldn’t do homeschooling without this book.  It has helped me implement so many of Charlotte’s philosophies into our home and school.
The Original Charlotte Mason Homeschool Series – not an easy read, but a wealth of wisdom and information that is sure to enrich your home and school.  I would recommend that ‘newbies’ start with the Charlotte Mason Companion, however.  You can find some annotated files here.
Simply Charlotte Mason – this is by far my favourite Charlotte Mason resource online.  Check out all these FREE ebooks and resources available!

Ambleside Online – I haven’t used this site extensively, but many Charlotte Mason homeschoolers do love it.  I have used it mostly for book lists and suggested Mason ‘curriculum’.

Handbook of Nature Study – a brilliant site for Charlotte Mason Nature Study

NaturExplorers – more fantastic Nature Study ideas and ebooks (a giveaway is coming soon!)

Queen Homeschool – we use many of the books from this company’s Charlotte Mason-inspired homeschool curriculum

Laying Down the Rails – this is a fabulous resource for habit formation, a big part of the Charlotte Mason education.

Harmony Fine Arts – lovely blog with many Charlotte Mason inspired art and music programs.

On the journey with you!
xo – Cass

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    I love Karen Andreola's books. Her style of writing is friendly and helpful. I am excited about your Charlotte Mason Mondays. This is our 10th year homeschooling, and we are still tweaking to find that groove. But, I agree with you, the more I learn of, and implement, Miss Mason's ways, the more peace comes into our homeschool. Thank you for putting it all together 🙂

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