The real unplug.

How do I breathe deep enough to say goodbye?

This blog has been my heart and soul for a long, long time but I know it has to be surrendered.

Because when something takes hours of our time away from where you know it should be instead – it begs questioning.  Even the things that can appear so good can truly pull us away from where we need to be-  from focusing on the things that push us closer to our true purpose.

Yahweh doesn’t take things from His children without reason.

He doesn’t ask us to give something up unless it is best for us.

He gives us the opportunity to hear His voice and exchange what we grip tight for that which is exceedingly more abundant.

Toss Facebook?  Toss all Social Media?

Give up the Blog?

Yikes, Lord – in 2014, those are biggies.

Exactly, child.

But when we give up something the Lord is asking us to surrender, He always (always) replaces it with something so much better and so much deeper and so much closer to Himself.

I don’t preach this – I know this.

Because God has shown me over and over this year, He is trustworthy.

The Lord beckons us to pay attention.  Our time is short.  This life is so, so fragile.  We are here for but the blink of an eye.  And yet we watch countless hours of TV, we fiddle around on Facebook, we do this and that and hours are wasted, for what?

Friends, I’m doing what I’ve always known in my heart was the best for my soul.

And you can join right in.

Exchange the busy for the meaningful.

Exchange the distraction for deep relationship.

Exchange the rat race for the slow, intentional walk.

Exchange the screen for what is real.

Exchange entertainment for conversation with the Holy God, Yahweh, who desperately wants us to want Him.

So, maybe this isn’t goodbye, as much as it is my deepest encouragement to keep on.

Keep on pressing into the things of God.

Keep on remembering – we get one life.

Keep on unplugging.  Thing after thing until there is nothing left to distract you from why you’re really here.

Because when you call yourself the ‘unplugged family’ and you pray the hard prayers, God does transform and eventually something shifts.  And what worked before just can’t any more.

I just desperately want to live my one life well.

Intentionally choose how I fill my moments, days, weeks, years.

We were never created to live in front of screens; never made to be slaves to technology.  Christ came to bring freedom, life to the fullest!

Real life, real relationship, real Christ-communion, these things happen face to real face.

So, I humbly encourage you to consider your minutes.  Consider where your time goes.  When all is said and done, will you have regrets?

Will you have lived full-out and full-on?

In love with Yahweh, the Creator?

In love with your spouse, in love with your children, in love with life?

In love with the gospel and the message of freedom in Jesus?

In love with helping the lost, the lonely, the hurting?

Will you shake off the ‘ways of this world’ and exchange them for Christ Jesus Himself?

Friends, I’ve spent too many days distracted and too many nights uploading photos and ignoring my husband.  I’ve spent too many minutes scrolling Facebook and browsing Pinterest.  These things won’t matter – they are not eternal things… and I’ve come to see them as distractions.

I know us Moms have said way too many, ‘just a minute’s to our children.  Too many times with eyes glued to screens instead of glued to our precious little ones who need our love.

I want to seek after Holy God in a way I never have.  No distractions.  No entertainment. 

But, oh – Joy!  Joy overflowing and bubbling everywhere!  I’ve never felt so much joy, peace, and love for the ones that surround me.  I’ve never felt so in love with Jesus.  And He has never revealed Himself so freely to me.

And I am deeply thankful for each person who has read this blog and found peace, joy, and comfort here.  My words have always been an authentic reflection of my journey.  If you were touched – I pray it was Christ in me who reached out and touched your very soul.  Christ in me is the only reason I can write, move, change, inspire.

But I know He is calling me to move away from this screen.

So, join me, and let’s embrace a life free from flashing distraction.

Toss the TV.
Toss the movies.
Toss the radio.
Toss the handheld gizmos.
Gosh, even toss Facebook and Social Media.

You can do it.
You won’t regret it.  How could you regret it?

Make Yahweh your every intake and His love your abundant overflow.

Seek Him and wait.

Wait and see how He will transform and renew.

He will make alive your every breath.

With every ounce of me, I pray the abundant life for each one who reads this.

Unplugging for real this time… not sure when the Lord will lead me back to this blog – but for now… the peace that surrounds me is far too deep and far to rich too worry about what is to come…



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