Knowing My God – Jesus Shows Me (Graham Blanchard Book Review!)

I was excited to have the opportunity to read and review the brand new series from Graham Blanchard – Knowing My God.  I received a copy of Jesus Shows Me in the mail a few weeks ago, so here is my review!
Before receiving this beautiful book, I hadn’t heard of Graham Blanchard.  Now that I’ve spent time reading their books and checking out their website, I love who they are and what they stand for.  They are a Christ-centered publishing house committed to printing books that help parents and children draw closer to God.  Their aim is to help parents communicate God’s truths to children in an engaging and authentic way.  

“Children’s Books for Growing up in God…”

I really enjoyed reading Jesus Shows Me with the kids.  It is a board book format but is engaging in content for various aged children – part of a three book series.  I love the use of scripture combined with facts about God’s amazing animals.  How can we see God in creation?  In every way!

This book takes us through John 15:9-14, so as you’re reading the pages, you are literally reading scripture to your children.  After the scripture, there is an illustration of God’s love and design in the natural world.

Emperor Penguins, Kangaroos, Ducks, Dolphins, Wolves, Zebras, and Elephants – they all point us to the loving power of an omnipotent God.  Yes, Jesus shows us through His words how we can see and know God, Yahweh, and how we can share His love with our families.

God’s mighty power and plan is seen in the way a Mama Kangaroo cares for her Joey.

Love the beautiful, bright images of real animals.

Greater love has no one than this…  how can we see God’s love in his design?  Animal families instinctively care for each other in amazing ways.

This series is beautifully written with a friendly parents guide at the back of each book.   

Check out the Graham Blanchard blog for some great posts and wonderful, Christ-centered resources.

Be blessed and keep breathing life into your little ones!

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