Reading through Matthew in December

I’m really excited to introduce a series for December.  Through the team at The Homeschool Village, we were encouraged to share a Christmas reading activity or book study.  I felt led to really focus on scripture in the month leading up to Christmas.

This December, our family will be reading through the book of Matthew.  We are doing this with a 5, 6, and 8 year old (for age interest sake!).  I have broken down the book into easy to read sections for every day in December.

If you haven’t read the bible before or don’t own a bible, I pray you can get one in your hands.  Many churches will give you one for free or you can purchase a simple bible for less than $10 at a local Christian book store.

Otherwise, you can read along or listen to free audio recordings here.

I pray you’ll feel His presence as you press into the truth of Christ’s story from birth, to life, to death, to Everlasting.  He is the Savior of the world and we celebrate His glory this month and always!


Here is the reading schedule:


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