Spuds and the Spirit.

It was a bumper crop of potatoes this year.  The field down the lane is still a gold mine of spuds after the farmer gathers the harvest.
After the machines rumble through, neighbors are graciously welcomed to collect what is left behind.  On a warm Autumn afternoon, the kids and I head out to glean what we can from the wide open farmland.  Why waste what is good food?
We want to remember abundance is sacred when so many go hungry.  So, we glean.  We trudge through rows of thick, mucky soil and weeds churned up.  We eagerly dig with shovels and fingers, searching.


I laugh and snap photos, whispering thanks to the One who makes all things grow. 

The wind whips around us as the kids shout out with joy when they uncover each waiting gold-mine of golden veggies.  We toss mud-covered potatoes into bags and baskets.  Piles and piles of potatoes ready for the taking.  Waiting for us to discover, if we just dig a little.  Dig and shove away the dirt.  Dig and see what is waiting just below the surface.
Yes, as we bow and dig, bow and dig.  We uncover an abundance of His glory and gifts – yes, grace is found in a pile of potatoes.  His Spirit waiting to be embraced and welcomed as we crouch low and plunge in to what He has for us.  Every hour steeped in the Spiritual if we open our squinty eyes to just see.
He’s there.  His Spirit is there.
Potato digging.
Word spelling.
Math calculating.
Dinner cooking.
Laundry folding.
Drink spilling.
Dig.  Dig through these things, these seemingly simple, regular, mundane moments.  Dig in and see what is just below the surface.  I bet the beautiful, miraculous, mind-boggling is right there, waiting.

See, that whole big field looked like nothing but mud.  But once we started searching expectantly for the blessings – we found piles of gold.

What grace is waiting just below the mucky surface of the day?  Just within grasp of the ordinary, waiting for us to bow low enough to discover?
The digging is dirty and sloppy and sometimes, it’s just plain hard.  But, oh, the rewards.

Joy, Truth, Christ Himself.  Right there all along.  If we’re willing to pull on the work books and get a little mucky.

And isn’t the soul journey like that?

Just like that field of spuds.  We can dig for truth and we can dig for God and if we dig, we will find Him.  If we scratch away the surface of this world, of the temporary – we find the eternal.  Just below the surface lies the upside-down truth.  That this world will waste away but His truth remains forever.  So what truth is in this very second?  What is waiting?
This is a crazy way to live because joy just bubbles up all the time, in every silly thing.  In those moments we regarded as mundane, regular, void of anything spectacular at all.

All of a sudden, everything can be spectacular.  And if not spectacular, deeply spiritual.

And isn’t He the only meal that forever sustains us?  His truth – there, always in every waking moment, waiting to be discovered and embraced?  Always with us and always pursuing us, beckoning us to keep digging and keep bowing and keep finding the precious.
His abundance.
His overflow.
His love – a bumper crop of amazing, glory-filled grace, waiting to be gathered.


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  • Rootsbythewater

    Loved this. Thank you for posting. There is a Christian movie called Faith Like Potatoes that is sooooo good. We got it from the library w/o knowing too much about it. Started off a little slow and a little confusing about where the story line was going but wow! in the end it was super good.

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