Healthful Play… what Charlotte Mason says.

Sometimes, a good dose of outside activity is all kids need.

But in our culture, countless children are missing out on this crucial outside play time.  They’re over-scheduled, often very inactive, and almost always on media overload.

One afternoon, I realized how vital crazy outside time really is for our children.  They need to let loose and have fun running wild.  Charlotte Mason talks about this kind of play, and its benefits, in Volume One of the original Homeschooling Series: 

“The afternoons’ games after luncheon are an important part of the day’s doings… the more they run, and shout, and toss their arms, the more healthful is the play.”

In fact, she suggested children spend several hours outdoors every afternoon.  She also advocated quite heavily for allowing children to be loud, to run hard, and to play enthusiastically.  Of course, this is done in the right context and at the right time.  She isn’t suggesting a lack of discipline, but quite the opposite.  For everything, there is a time.  And children need a time get a little silly.  They are, after all, kids.

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