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When I first started homeschooling, I purchased a print subscription to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  I still remember how much I loved receiving each copy received in the mail (how great it is to actually get snail mail?).  It was a breath of fresh air in my task of educating our children at home.

Let’s face it, as home educators, it is easy to feel isolated, especially when we are just starting out.  Connecting with other homeschooling families is so important but I believe reading great blogs, magazines, and resources can also build us up in our journey. 

I also really believe it’s my responsibility to continue to grow and learn as much as I can about how to homeschool to the best of my ability. Raising our children is life’s greatest calling and I want more than anything to walk obediently to God and do all I can to seek wisdom for the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine offers those little whispers of ‘you’re not alone’ and ‘here are some great ideas’ and ‘this worked for me’.  I think it was through this magazine that I was first introduced to Charlotte Mason and the art of gentle home education.  At the time, I wasn’t using Charlotte’s philosophies and as I look back I can see how God paved the way for me to gain more understanding about what would really honor Him and work in our home.

And by ‘work’, I mean help guide us and help urge our children towards truth and the knowledge of their real purpose.  I’m so blessed to educate at home and so blessed to live in a time when resources abound!  Now, we are Charlotte Mason-based and have a joy-filled, peaceful homeschool.  By God’s grace alone, friends!!!

My favorite from the current (Nov/Dec) issue:


I loved – Keeping Things In Perspective by Pat Knepley.

I have one particularly art-crazy daughter who will gobble up every bit of art education I give her.  Also, as Charlotte Mason homeschoolers, we enjoy art, art history, and picture study as much as we can.  This article gave me so many great ideas for teaching perspective to our kids.  The matter-of-fact reasoning behind lines and shapes and sizes will relate to our son who is more (excuse the pun) linear.  The paintings and history will relate to my daughter.  The author included five beautiful images of art pieces that show perspective in various styles and offers tips and hints for how to discuss these concepts and these pieces of art.

I will definitely use this article and the art clips for a couple art lessons for our kids.  I could definitely see our children enjoying learning how to draw a 3-D cube and practice drawing horizons.  (In fact we recently were working on this.)  There are even pop-up videos linked in that we can watch together!  Love it!

I’m so glad I took time to really read through The Old Schoolhouse, as I didn’t realize it had so many great homeschooling tools like this, not to mention countless other articles, reviews, and inspiration.

Another great thing about The Old Schoolhouse –

 it is a completely FREE resource if you are viewing and reading online!

You can also download various aps for Android, iPhone, etc. if you prefer to read on the go.

To check out the online version right now, simply click here.

This review was written in partnership with the School House Review Crew ~ thanks! 


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