Five in a Row: Three Names

I didn’t plan to row Thee Names this year.  But then I was gifted with a free copy of the book at a used book sale.  Since it was practically handed to me, I figured I should definitely jump into this fun unit study, so the results are below.  I have to say, this definitely wasn’t a full-on unit study for us.  It was an easy week with mostly reading done to supplement.  Still though, such a sweet story with great historical learning.

Here are the books we used for our unit study.  A combination of books about dogs, weather, and early village life (one room school houses is part of the study).


Part of the study encourages families to embrace the concept of gratitude.  Of course, this is something close to my heart.  We decided to create a new Gratitude Tree.  On the tags we wrote down things we were thankful for and felt blessed by.


Country Life and One Room Schoolhouses

This is where we did a ton of reading and chatting.  We read through The Olden Days and read and discussed how schools looked decades ago.  I shared with the children about my Grandpa’s experiences with a One Room Schoolhouse in Nova Scotia where he grew up.

We also watched parts of this video, along with a couple episodes of Little House on the Prairie.

One afternoon we also went on a trip to an old fashioned country farm and shop.  Along the way we stopped the van to watch a farmer hard at work in the fields.

The fields just down the road from our home…  so blessed.

A trip to the old country shop…

What’s better than fresh cookies from the country bakery?  (And hot coffee for Mama?)


Three Names is focused on the daily experiences of the dog called Three Names.  We read several fantastic dog-centered books, including:  Tornado, Dogs (Usborne), Five True Dog Stories, and many of the stories from James Herriot’s tales.

We discussed dog life cycles, dog behavior, dog anatomy, and also dog breeds. 

We were so blessed that our good friends invited us over (several times, bless them…) to see their brand new puppies.  Their two dogs had a litter of beautiful pups and our kids were beyond thrilled to spend countless hours snuggling and watching these sweet newborn puppies.

At this visit, the puppies were only a couple weeks old.  They still required the heat lamp and were kept safe and cozy in a large box.  Naturally, our children climbed INTO the box…



We discussed Tornadoes and various types of weather, including the study of wind and various wind speeds.  We read through several fantastic books about weather and also discussed the water cycle.  I highly recommend any Magic School Bus science book.  The Hurricane one we read was fantastic!

Audrey’s quick sketch of the water cycle based on her understanding.

Taking a look at the Fujita Scale and sketching the effects of various intensities.



We talked about where the Prairies are found in North America and how the prairie land related to Tornado Alley.  We studied the characteristics of a prairie as well as the animals you might find there.
For a Prairie art project, I found a great link with some tips for teaching perspective and horizon lines –  it’s right HERE.

Where are the Plains?  Where is Tornado Alley?


Prairie perspective drawings.


Talking about perspective and horizon lines.

Other Ideas and Links for Three Names:

  • We played a lot of old fashioned games, which was a ton of fun for the kids.  These games are mentioned in the book.  Here are a few links: Outdoor games, Fox and Geese.
  • We also played Marbles!  You can easily grab a few bags of Marbles at the Dollar Store.  We shared and looked up games in a book.


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