All Power.

I jog in early morning and feel a cool November breeze on my face.  Nothing compares to calming my spirit in the silence of the country morning.  Trees tower all around me, both sides like a giant wall – and the road stretches before me.  Suddenly, I hear a roar come from behind.  ‘Car’, I instinctively whisper to myself and I move out of the lane.

But no car comes.

I glance back and the roar comes again.  My eyes gaze up at the countless soaring pines, swaying and creaking.  Oh, the roar is the wind.  Or the sound of the wind through the quaking softwoods.   I am like an ant shaking through towering grass blades, small, so small.

It is moments like these that God whispers.  If we are listening, He is there.  And His name is like a whisper, I’ve heard it said.  Yahweh.  Yahweh.  Yahweh.  Everywhere is Yahweh.  Everywhere and in everything.  Every living thing contains bursts of His glory.  And the intimidating towers of prickly pines all around me?  They remind me of His power.

He is in the wind and with a simple puff of breathe, the 50 foot, 200 year old trees bend and crack.

All power.

All glory.

All history.

All science.

All of everything is in His hands.

Through Him, by Him, from Him, in Him.

He is all powerful. 


But, He is not only all powerful,

He, in His very nature is All Power.


He makes the trees quake and He can make the earth quake.

He redeems and He loves and He surrounds us with Himself.
He waits – He knocks. 
He asks, follow Me?

But do we have time to follow the creator of the Universe and live for Him?
He holds the whole world and the galaxies and the sun is nothing compared to His glory.  And yes, He holds you too and He holds all those you love.  And yet, we worry – we fret.  Why do we do this?

How can we worry, how can we furrow our brow and sit in sadness when we have this truth – the Creator, Alpha and Omega, He who is and will always be – He holds us.  He holds all Eternity.

Follow me, He beckons – and live forever.  Death, has no sting.  We are children of the day… of the Light. 

Follow me.  Live for me.

I mean, with reckless abandon – follow Me, child.  And I will bring you peace and joy overflowing. 
And the Great Wind rushes over us and we are like trees, swaying with His grace.
Are you worried?  Anxious?  Tired?
Lay it all at His feet, friends.

Embrace Him and know,

He is All Power and He holds you.

Can I encourage you to read Romans 1, and Psalm 135 – 136 with me today?  Let’s meditate on the greatness and the power of our God… “His name is eternal… He never goes ‘out of date’…”  (The Message)
Praying for you today.
I was reminded of this beautiful song this morning… sharing with big hugs.

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