The Mission of Being MOM. (And a Sally Clarkson Book Giveaway!)

It is so easy for us Moms to believe the lie.

The lie that Motherhood is worthless.  That staying home with our children lacks deep, meaningful purpose.  The world asks, “What do YOU do?” and the answer, “I’m at home with my family…” just doesn’t seem good enough.  It’s as if we’re opting out of achieving anything really meaningful with our lives.

I encourage you today, Mom – reject the lies and embrace truth.


Mom – you are called.  You are set apart.  When you are carefully and thoughtfully raising children, you are changing the world one soul at a time.  You are embracing a deeply intentional calling of sacrifice, commitment, and growth. 

What all Moms need to know is this – being a Mom is more than a ‘job’It is a ministry.  A mission – a life commitment bigger than any other you’ll ever take on.  We have been appointed to raise up human beings. HUMAN BEINGS.  Living, breathing, heart-pumping people.  God breathed life, and there they were, and into our arms they were placed.
Yes, entrusted to me, these precious children of mine.  Sometimes, it still overwhelms me as I look at these three.  Ready or not, here they are and here I am.   And now, as Mom, I believe I’m called to serve Jesus right on through this crazy Mission of Motherhood. 
We strive for so many things – a great job, wealth, pretty houses, nice clothes, the book deal, the book club, the big ministry, the church, you name it.  But how often do we reflect on the whys?  When everything comes to a close and our light in this world is dimming – what will truly matter?
How we walked this earth in love.  How we followed Jesus.  How we embraced our calling as Mom.  Wife.  Daughter.  Sister.  Friend.  And especially Mom.  And yes, it’s hard.  I know it’s hard.  But isn’t it in the valley that we finally spot the peak?
And isn’t it in the valley that God refines us and shows us who He can make us to be?
All the hard days, all the sacrifice – it all adds up to meaningful rewards in the hearts of our children and the legacy we can, through God’s grace, leave with them.  Today, Mom – choose to cling to truth.  The Mission of Motherhood is great one, a meaningful one.  One where you literally have the opportunity to touch your child’s heart for all of eternity.

 About the Give-away:

I’m painfully awkward about things like this.  I don’t want to make you “like” me in a million places and share this contest 17 times.  I just want you to be blessed.  I have been given the privilege of giving away these life-giving books. 

 If you aren’t familiar with Sally’s ministry, I highly recommend reading her thoughts on parenting and home education as well as connecting with her through her website and blog.  If I had to recommend a book of hers to purchase, it would be The Mission of Motherhood.  I LOVE it… so profound, so encouraging. 
 You can enter to win one of these beautiful titles by simply commenting below.    No shares, ‘likes’, ‘favorites’, etc.  Just simply comment with whatever you’d like to say, and you’re in.  (hug)

Reading through Sally’s writings, is like breathing fresh air. 

She speaks so honestly, so openly to the soul of a Mother.  Her books offer deep wisdom for Moms at all stages of their journeys; from the seasoned home educator needing encouragement, to the busy working Mom, to the brand new Mom holding her baby for the first time.  The heart of every woman can grow and be stretched by these writings.
I have found it so challenging to find mentors who are like-minded and encourage me deeply in my role as a Mom and a home educator.  As funny as it may sound, I have found these mentors in women like Sally Clarkson and Ann Voskamp.  Though I do not talk to them daily or spend physical time with them, their hearts are shared openly through their writing and I’m free (and blessed!) to learn from their experiences as Moms and homeschoolers through their books and blogs.
I want to encourage you, if you are finding it hard to connect with mentors, pray.  But also, don’t even underestimate the value of mentors found through authors like Sally and Ann, and so many others.  God has gifted these women with the ability to humbly and openly encourage and share their own stories. 
Praying for all the Mamas this week, that God would surround you with His grace and love and that you would embrace every precious moment with your children.

As for me?  I’m on a media fast for two days… so… *breath…*


Some wise words from Sally that truly touched my heart: 

“God designed motherhood to be a deeply meaningful role.  We mothers have the opportunity to influence eternity by building a spiritual legacy in the lives of our children.  Through our teaching and influence, morality can be learned and modeled, love and kindness are taught and received, purpose and vision are ignited and passed on.  The real ability of a mother to secure such a spiritual legacy is based on the strength of her relationship with her child.  As we tenderly care for our children, meeting their needs, teaching them and guiding them, praying for them and modeling our faith, we are also anchoring their hearts to our home, our values, and our beliefs…”  (from the Mission of Motherhood)

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 Sally Clarkson is the mother of four children, a popular conference speaker, and the author of numerous books and articles on Christian motherhood and parenting, including The Mission of Motherhood, The Ministry of Motherhood, and Desperate.

In 1994, she and Clay started Whole Heart Ministries to
encourage and equip Christian parents to raise wholehearted Christian
children. Since 1998, Sally has ministered to thousands of mothers
through Mom Heart Conferences, and more recently through her blog, ITakeJoy.com (for Christian women).


  • Julie W

    I am new to your blog but absolutely love it! Your message resonates so much with me! I haven't heard of these books but am an avid reader and homeschooling mom. I would love to delve into a good read that also conveys a powerful uplifting message of motherhood.

  • Amanda Lauderman

    Sally is a mentor for me too. She is very inspiring and encouraging. It is tough being a mother so I am grateful to have a Godly womans advice.

  • adj3gether

    Sorry if this is a duplicate (I did this on my phone but not sure if it worked) Anyway, just stumbled on your blog Cassandra – the little that I've read so far has been so beautiful and inspiring! I also just recently heard of Sally Clarkson and have her books on my wish list. Great giveaway!

  • Mama Bee

    What a wonderful opportunity, I love Sally Clarkson and your blog…. they both speak to my heart and touch my soul… such a pool of encouragement. Thank you for taking the time to help others and bless them.

  • nogmamme

    I love Sally Clarkson and this blog πŸ™‚ Your words are also encouraging and sometimes convicting. Thank you for taking the time to share your heart through this blog.

  • Heidi

    I would love to read these books! There is so much competition and pressure these days to be the 'best' mom…when really, my kids just want me to be a 'present' mom…I am still learning.

  • Shawna Tunnell

    Raising children in the world these days is so difficult, and motherhood doesn't look the same as it did before. It's hard, but I think definitely worth it, to get back to what motherhood used to be. I am always looking for insights and encouragement on motherhood. Thanks for offering these books!

  • Anonymous

    I would so enjoy reading these books and sharing the treasures they hold with ALL the moms I come in contact with…such a great giveaway!
    Thank you

  • Racheal

    So far ever since I started following your blog, each and every post has been just what I needed to hear that day! Thanks for your time and thoughts for us mothers!

  • Tina

    I'm in EXACTLY this place right now, realizing what a ministry motherhood is, and how privileged I am to have been chosen by God to raise, teach, equip, and love my precious son. Thank you for your post!

  • Mary

    I haven't read these books, but they sound like a great encouragement for motherhood. It's very kind of you to be doing a giveaway. =) Also, your last post on socialization was excellent – I only have a 1.5 yr old and a baby on the way at present, but have been seriously researching home schooling for the future, and your article was very helpful.

  • Colleen K

    Thank you for continuing to send your encouragement through space and time to my heart! I sure appreciate what you've written and would love to read one of these books.

  • Erin

    I have also found it difficult to find mentors, even among the home educating moms I know. I have heard/read great things about Sally's books but have not read one yet. Hopefully this will be the first!

  • Michelle Nollner

    You inspire this homeschooling stay at home mama with every post! Giving up my career 13 years ago has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. Some days are hard, but I enjoy living life with my girls every single day! I love to read and do not have any of Sally's books and I am excited for a chance to win. Thanks for all you do!!!!

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