So, we prayed for sun.  We got rain.

A lot of rain.

By the end of a twelve hour day of crazy downpours, short bursts of drenched customers, and a small recover of a touch of sun – we had about $90 for our friends in Uganda.  There are no words to express the disappointment when you are in grave need and the needs just aren’t met. 

Because sometimes, we pray – and we don’t get the answer we want.  Because His ways are not our ways.  And because He is molding us.  Changing us.  Beckoning us to surrender.

And this week, we struggle.  There’s no money on either end of the path and we look up and wonder why the rain falls hard.  There are babies to feed and children who need to go back to school and rent to cover and the bills pile high in Uganda where there are no extras.

I desperately try to figure out what all this means – why God?  How many times do I need to be reminded of my purpose?  Well – many, many times.

We are called to this – to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.  My purpose is not to be comfortable, to have luxuries, to wear fancy rings, or to eat until I’m overflowing.  My purpose is not to cling to earthy stuffs and wander aimlessly in a sea of ‘more’. 

My purpose is to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly.

It’s that simple.

And doing justice – is hard.  And it isn’t comfortable.  Because this world is overwhelmingly unjust and when you fight for justice, you battle upstream.

And loving mercy – means sacrifice.  The crazy kind.  The kind I’m still grasping for.  The kind that says nothing I have is mine because mercy is more important than any part of me.

And walking humbly – that comes with time.  And that comes with surrender.  That comes with throwing hands up and bowing heads low and refusing to look left or right.  That comes with shouting it out on the inside – “God, You know best, take it all.”

And yes, sometimes it rains.  And sometimes it pours.

But mercy is always the right choice.

And the time is desperate for justice.

And love?  Love knows no boundaries.  Rain can rush in – but love is the mighty barrier.

And He is always true and He always comes through and He will take us through the rain.

Pray for Nurture A Child Uganda this week, friends.

Written for Five Minute Friday.


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