Minding our Media- teaching wisdom in media choices (for The Homeschool Village)

One of the wonderful benefits of homeschooling is the simple fact that our children are, well, home. 

However, because they are home so much more than traditionally schooled children, I believe homeschool parents need to be that much more proactive about their relationship with the Media.  With children home, the temptation can be to allow more, less supervised screen time.

It is vitally important that as parents, we’re very aware of how much and what kind of media our children are consuming.  The media has the power to influence our children’s hearts, minds, and spirits.  The media has the ability to negatively affect our children’s ability to think, imagine, and learn.  The media has the ability to shape our children’s view of their value, their purpose, and what life is really about.

To read more and see my tips for encouraging wisdom in media choices, please visit me at The Homeschool Village!

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    Thank you so much for reminding us about something SO important. It's easy to forget how influencing TV can be on out young ones. We are becoming more concerned about that in our home and it's nice to see we are not alone.

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