The Perfect Parent?

I’ve always been a reader.  I read every chance I get.  My husband even laughs at me because I read books while I brush my teeth.  (I figure, I might as well make use of that time!)

So, I’m always seeking knowledge, information, reading to grow and learn.  A lot of my reading includes books about parenting, as I’m sure many Moms can relate.  I’ve read so many books about training up our children, I couldn’t list them all.  But, it seems so many of them have ‘techniques’.  Even many great Christ-centered books have lists of rules about what we should do and how we should do it.  1, 2, 3 and follow these steps and voila!  The perfect kid.  Follow this recipe and your child will grow up to love God and follow the right path!’

 All the methods still come down to my earthly performance as a parent.  And THAT’s the problem…

Join me today over at The Better Mom to read more about how we can model our parenting after the only perfect One.


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