Must-read books about nutrition…

I wanted to post a list of some of the incredible books I’ve been reading.

If you care about your and your family’s health (and I know you do), I would really encourage you to borrow these titles from your local library.  Read them with an open mind, and they could change your life. I will post a lot more about our family’s health journey in the coming days/weeks.

Alright, here is my list of must read books about nutrition.  Yes, they are very pro-plant based diet.

These books have changed the way I view food and I hope they can do the same for you.  I’m sure there are many, many more.  I’ll add them as I read them!

The top four are my biggest recommendations.  They are by far the best books I read on this topic.

  • The China Study by T. Colin Campbell (Must-read!)

  • Healthy Eating, Healthy World by J. Morris Hicks  (This is probably my favorite of the bunch for it’s ease of reading and great information/inspiration.)

  • Food Revolution by John Robbins

  • Diet for a New American by John Robbins

  • No More Bull! by Howard F. Lymen
  • Forks over Knives (The How-to Companion the Documentary)
  • No Happy Cows by John Robbins
  • Food Inc. (The Participants Guide)
  • Let Them Eat Junk! by Robert Albritton
  • The End of Food by Thomas Pawlick
  • Disease-Proof Your Child by Joel Fuhrman
  • Fat Chance, beating the odds against SUGAR, PROCESSED FOOD, OBESITY, and DISEASE by Robert H. Lustig
  • The Crazy Makers, how the food industry is destroying our brains and harming our children by Carol Simontacchi
  • Whole Foods to Thrive by Brendan Brazier
  • SALT, SUGAR, FAT, how the food giants hooked us…  by Michael Moss

Some documentaries you might want to watch:

  • Earthlings (caution – there is some seriously disturbing footage in this doc, so be careful when you watch and if you’re sensitive, you may choose to opt out.  But, this is TRUTH, friends.  I forced myself to watch.)
  • Forks Over Knives
  • Food, Inc.

If you have any more books or documentaries about plant-based eating, please, add them in the comments!


  • mrsthurin

    Thanks for sharing! We have made many changes food wise in our home more so because my health fell apart. I was thinking I needed to watch again some of those food documentaries. I have not ever seen the Earthlings one… I am on the sensitive side so I am a bit nervous to watch it hahaha.
    God bless you!

    • Cassandra

      Thanks! 🙂 I'm sensitive too and I watched it alright… it's nowhere near as upsetting as the 'Meet your Meat' series from Peta… that made me literally weep. My husband was really upset by it too. Blessings to you as you get healthier and healthier!

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