Praying Together as a Family

I’m not sure where I thought of this idea.  I’m sure I didn’t actually “think of it” – I probably saw it somewhere at sometime. I’ve incorporated our own version of the “Prayer Box” into our family life and we love it!  It helps us focus our meal-time prayers and open up the world of praying for others to our children in an easy, applicable way. 

Join me over at The Better Mom today to read more! 🙂

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  • Lisa in East Texas

    We used to do this when our kids were younger, too! It was an amazing blessing:)

    For most of our people, we had little thumbnail photos printed with the name below. They loved it! Especially the little ones who couldn't yet read. Our first prayer "boxes" were square Kleenex boxes- one TO pray for, one BEEN prayed for 🙂

    Thanks for writing about this today. I think I want to start back with them again…my kids are 10, 13, 15, 17, 19 now…so we'll see who's game! 😉

    Blessings on your precious work of "Unplugged" 🙂

    For the first nine years of having kids, we were totally unplugged, too. We ended up getting a DVD player (with a 13" screen, for 7 people to watch! And it was fun 🙂

    We still have no TV service, and we watch old shows like The Waltons, I Love Lucy, and Andy Griffith. We also now have a ClearPlay DVD player that filters out what you don't want. Very cool. http://www.clearplay.com

    Our kids have only had a Wii for a few years now…and none of the war games that "all" the other teenaged boys have.

    My best advice to new parents–
    1. Show your children Christ.

    2. Get rid of your TV completely – at least til your kids are older

    3. No video games – at least til much later, too

    4. Stay off your phone as much as possible, and them on it very little. Computers are so easy to learn, they do not need to start early

    5. Make sure they have constant access to books. Good books, not stupid junk. "Good" usually means older books. You know, garage sale books you get for a quarter!

    6. Last, but certainly not least — RAISE YOUR KIDS YOURSELF! <3 Your satisfaction in life should come from being their mom, not from being someone else's employee, or even teacher.

    Bottom line…remember, those little kids are going to grow up and be gone WAY sooner than you can even imagine! Love them now in as many ways as possible 🙂

    Lisa in East Texas

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