How Screen Time affects the love of Reading (especially in boys…)

I had the privilege of working as an educational consultant with a
large publisher of children’s books for two years.   A huge part of my
job was meeting with teachers and parents to help in the process of
choosing books for kids.  I thoroughly enjoyed the job because I
genuinely love books and love kids.  I’m passionate about childhood
literacy not only for our own children, but for other children in the

The more I worked in schools and homes though, the more I realized an unsettling problem: 
The vast majority of boys are labeled ‘reluctant’ readers.
The vast majority of boys labeled ‘reluctant’ readers also spend way too much time in front of the screen.





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  • Kristina

    Stopped by your blog from a pin on Pinterest for your row of Ferdinand— WONDERFUL, by the way!! Your activities ROCKED!! But landed here as this is a HUGE concern for me, regarding my son… I checked out your article and all the reasons reading isn't "cool" are so true. It is hard too, because I think boys are much more "visual" too— and tv and games do that, while reading is much more imaginary…

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