Top 10 Reasons to Toss the TV

1. You want to live a life focused on God.

2.  You value your time on earth and want to use it fully and purposefully.  

3.  You care deeply about the minds and hearts of the people in your family.

4. You want to be closer to your husband/wife and children. 

5. You would like to fight to stay away from a consumerist, materialistic life-style.

6. You would like your family to be free-thinkers.  

7. You want to shelter yourself, your spouse, and your children from violence, lust, and negative influences.

8. You want to live an active, healthy life-style.

9. You would like your children to place high value on nature and the simple things in life.

10. You want to live a life focused on others.

Take the plunge, toss the TV… you’ll never look back.  If you are already living TV free, share this in hopes of inspiring another family!


  • Anonymous

    tv Free, 2yrs and counting. Jesus is at work in ppl's lives. so agree, and thank you for this post.

    (also know as the "sin box" and "hellevision" aka, the devil's tool.)

    definitely agree to get the devil's tool OUT of our homes (minds, souls, and lives), and let JESUS in.

    Excellent points. agree with all of them. thank you!!! and Christ bless your family. 🙂

  • dayna mazzuca

    Oh my word! This is a very bold, clear way of saying exactly what I believe and seek to live out every day. Good job Cassandra. You're hitting on some plain-as-day-if-we're-awake-at-all realities. Well done. I tossed my TV about 20 years back and you know the most common comment I get? "You're not missing a thing." And you know what I notice in my kids? "Thanks, Mom," whenever they get a treat or something new to them. They appreciate life. YAY. Yes, yes, yes, TOSS the TV. – Dayna Mazzuca

  • Anonymous

    Love it! I am really trying to screen-free my home. It is so hard when I was raised in front of the TV. I am making a conscious effort and God is leading my new family toward this direction. Thank you for inspiring and speaking from the spirit! Keep posting !!! 🙂 Love and blessing!

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