Reflecting on 2012…

This year…  was our best yet.  Can you have a ‘best’ year?  I thank God every day for the blessings of my life – how can I not?   This morning snow lightly falls outside the window, a little girl in cupcake footie PJs asks, “play horses with me?”, a little boy has a fever on the couch, my husband and I excitedly chat about the future and our hope for this year.  All is not perfect, but all is very, very well.
Last night, Wes (my hubby) and I sat and talked about how much we’ve grown, changed.  How much has happened this year…  We were supposed to be going to Uganda in a few days, but we’re both completely confident in our conviction to stay put for a while.   This year is an open book for our family and our work with Nurture a Child Uganda.  God is going to do amazing things!  I just know it – He is so faithful.
This morning, the walls of this old country house are so warm, so inviting.  I can’t believe for so long I viewed my home as a ‘trap’. 
I’m endeavoring to embrace every small blessing today and this year.  I found these questions for reflecting on the past year, and thought I’d share.  They’re supposed to be for New Years Eve, but let’s make them for New Years day.  We need to reflect.  To stop and actually think about everything going on around us.  I’ll be journaling later today, join me?  Remember, in the quiet prayer and reflection we find our purpose and our center.

Some snap-shots from the past year:

Some of the children from Nurture a Child Uganda.
Autumn in Soroti…
A highlight of our year: meeting our dear friend Selbina then working together at the International Marketplace.

Happy New Year from the Dorman family…  
big hugs and blessings to you.

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