Just a Humble Servant Girl…

I open up my bible and read it again, the story of Jesus’ birth.  Tonight, it is Mary’s words that touch my heart.  Funny, I’ve never really noticed them that much before.

“My soul praises the Lord,
My heart rejoices in God, my Savior,
because He has shown His concern 
for His humble servant girl.”

The Mother of God was a humble servant girl.  Nothing more.  Yet, she found favor with the Lord.  She honored Him with her life and He noticed her.  He ‘showed concern’ for her.  Yes, in Mary, he was very pleased.

A servant girl.  She cooked.  She cleaned.  She washed clothes.  She worked in the garden.  She did mundane, repetitive, home-based work.  She was lowly in the world’s eyes.  She served.  But the Almighty saw straight to her very heart.  He saw her every day spirit.  Yes, the Mother of Jesus – she was but a humble servant in a tiny town.

I read this truth sitting cross-legged in a dim hallway.  My back aches, my hair is a mess, and I’m impatiently waiting for a nervous daughter to fall asleep.  She won’t go to sleep unless she can ‘see’ me.  So, here I sit.  A complete mess, weary from the day, and already making checklists of what needs done between 8pm and midnight.  Homeschool schedules and lessons, writing assignments, plans for a meeting, cleaning, laundry, emails, baking, and preparations for tomorrow’s meals.  Many nights I’m feeling pretty little as my life’s demands pile high around me.  Have you been here, friend?

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