Galloping the Globe – Germany!

It has been a crazy, busy, wonderful season.  I am longing to write a post about what has been going on the past few months, but tonight, I think I’ll start with sharing our study of Germany from a couple of weeks ago.

This study wasn’t as comprehensive as some of our other country studies, but we really enjoyed the simplicity.  Germany is a beautiful country and it just so happens that our family has German roots through my Dad’s side, so that was pretty neat.

We started off our journey with food, the perfect start, as far as I’m concerned!

We made German Pretzels from scratch, which is actually quite easy to do.  My only recommendation would be to go very very easy on the salt.  We purchased coarse salt (as per the recipe) and once the children has ‘sprinkled’ their pretzels, they were so salty, they wouldn’t eat them.  We ended up having to scrape the salt off in order to enjoy them!

At the end of our study, we also enjoyed a field trip to a local restaurant specializing in Austrian/German food.  We all enjoyed a meal of Schnitzel with potatoes and vegetables and the children were able to pick out some German cookies and chocolate for dessert.


German history – castles!  Germany has some of the most beautiful and ancient castles in all of Europe.  We read about various sites and then experimented with our own castle building set.

We also enjoyed some fabulous books and stories, too many to list.  The children particularly enjoyed Goldilocks and Heidi.  We also found a very age-appropriate version of the film with Shirley Temple playing Heidi.  Highly recommend this version for children!

We enjoyed an extensive study of classical music and famous German composers with this unit.  The children listened to a different composer every day.  We listened to and discussed two pieces of music and the children chose their favourite to write in their “German Composers” mini-books.

Our Germany Lapbooks –

Thanks for reading!


  • Cole Chartier

    thank you for sharing with us! where do you get the ideas for what to put in the lapbooks and how to lay them out for your kids? do you have the items they glue on already printed out and they decide where they go or do they search for them on their own? New to homeschooling and just trying to see how to go about all this 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hi Cassandra, great post! As I am from Germany, I loved to read about the activities you did while "visiting" my country. Should your kids or you have any questions regarding Germany, please drop me a note anytime. And as regards the salt on the pretzels: we never actually eat the salt with which they are covered, we just rub it off and then enjoy the pretzel. So the salt is considered more like decoration. You should try prezels cut in half and generously spread with butter… delicious. Kind regards/Herzliche Grüße Beate

    • Cassandra

      Oh! Haha… that's funny about the pretzels. I feel like these weren't a huge success and we need a lot more practice with pretzels, for sure. I'm sure yours are much better. Thank you for your comment and reading!

    • Anonymous

      To be honest – we never ever bake the pretzels at home. We just by them fresh from the bakeries around! Here in Bavaria (I live in Munich) it is like an all-day snack eaten by nearly everyone starting at maybe 6 months of age 🙂 Love you blog! Kind regards Beate

  • Aritha

    Great! I love it. Germany is our neighboring country! If we go there we never buy ice cream! That is not tasty in Germany. No sugar in it? It is a beautiful country. Their language is similar to our language. But more snappy. Many Dutch children learn German at school.

    If you ever work on Netherlands, I can send you Dutch stuff.

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