Africa – East and South

We kick started our homeschool year in August.  We started with a study of East Africa (mostly Kenya), and South Africa.  We LOVE studying about Africa.  What I did find, however, is there is an overwhelming amount of literature and resources about this beautiful continent.  What struck me most profoundly is the vast diversity in people groups, biomes and climate, community, and religion.  Africa is not just the Serengeti, friends!

I am passionate about presenting our children with a true, non-biased study of Africa, which certainly includes some of the common African cultures, but later this year we will also study Morocco, Egypt, Central Africa, and Tanzania.

We also mixed in (of course) some nature study and finished up a year of team Soccer.

Here’s a peak, it’s not extensive, but it gives you an idea of some of the activities we did and some of the learning that took place!

Just a few of the African-themed books we read…
For our study of South Africa – we started with Meerkats.  I’ve always been fascinated by these little creatures.  We borrowed several DVDs of “Meerkat Manor” from the library and our kids were in complete awe of them.  What a wonderfully educational and entertaining series.  It isn’t really for children, but the narration and storyline is clear and easy for children to follow.  LOVED it!
We also studied their anatomy, habitats, homes, family life, predators and prey. 

Sketching life-size Meerkats

For South Africa, we did a lot of reading about Nelson Mandella.  He is such an amazing man and a wonderful ambassador for freedom and peace.  The kids LOVED learning about him and I enjoyed sharing his message with open hearts.

The Hundred Penny Box was one of our South African literary studies.  It’s a beautiful story about an older woman who shares the story of her life through the pennies she has collected along the way.  We read the story, discussed, then painted our own “Penny Box”.

We also had fun dying “beads” (noodles) for South African jewelry –

A peek at our Lapbooks:

For our study of East Africa, we covered mostly the Serengeti and Kenya.  This included animal studies and studies of the climate, culture, and communities found in the Eastern country of Kenya.

Learning how to do Paper Beading –


We also played more with Maasai style beading, which is much smaller and usually done with thin wire.

Learning some Swahili words –

Animal studies – learning about Lions on a sunny morning.  I love organizing everything for the kids so they have a tidy workspace inviting them at the start of the day.

Hands-on learning about different biomes and habitats, playing in the sandbox!  We created different areas that would be suitable for various African animals.



“How tall is a Giraffe’s leg?”

Some of our Lapbooks:



Thanks for reading…


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