I was thinking about how people write it – “Never change!”

I’m sure it was in my yearbook at least three times, and I got thinking.  The idea isn’t just a teenage whisper to stay the same.  It is one of our culture’s narcissistic anthems.  Be who you are.  Never shy away from your inner self.  Grasp your true self.  Never let go.  Be yourself.  Put yourself first.  Actually, obsess over yourself, if you fancy it.

Doesn’t this tie into our notion that we need not question our faults?  If I’m mean to my husband, well, “that’s just who I am – I’m grouchy.”  If I’m impatient with my children, “Oh, I’ve got a short fuse – the kids are used to it.”  If I’m lacking joy, “Well, I’m certainly not a cheery person.”  If I’m critical of others, “Hey, I can’t help it – it’s just how I am.”

We are living in an age of astronomical egotism with one resounding message: don’t change who you are for anyone.  Not even God.

But for those of us who call Jesus Lord, we’re called to something very, very different.  We’re not called to ‘never change’ but rather to always be changing.  Ever striving to become more like Jesus.  Renewed.  Renamed.  Recreated.  Change is inevitable when we are pressing in to the Creator and choosing to be cleansed in Him.  Choosing to be molding by His mighty hands.  The Holy One, Yahweh, I Am.  He, the One who never changes – yes, He calls us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

We are called to be transformed, friends.  We should always be changing.  If we stop changing, if we aren’t becoming more like Him every day – something is awry.

In this striving for Christ we ought to be moved to tears, moved until it is painfully uncomfortable.  Always growing, always examining ourselves, and always finding the joy that surpasses human understanding in the process.  In Him we find our true selves.  Our true character.  Our purpose.  Always ever changing to become some one new – reflecting His love.

And eventually, we pray we’ll start looking more like Him and less like us.

Changing.  Always changing.  Always finding greater, deeper, and overwhelming peace in the transformation.

Written for:
Five Minute Friday


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