Over the past several months, our family has reduced our spending and cost of living substancially.  In many areas, by more than half.  Yes, half.  It’s a time of stretching like you wouldn’t believe.  Streching the dollars and stretching the soul.  Stretching the faith as we leap into my husband starting a business of his own and invest in a farawary ministry we believe in so much.

To savor that which has no price.

We’re testing our ability to live on less.  A preacher says it through my ipod as if it’s an impossible thought: “Just IMAGINE!  Imagine if the people who follow Jesus actually lived on less so they could give more away.  Imagine!”  Yes, imagine. It shouldn’t be that crazy, it’s what we’re called to do.  People have said we can’t compare what we spend to what it would buy in Uganda.  It’s unhealthy.  It never ends.  I mean, eventually, you’ll feel guilty for buying a piece of fruit.  Right?

Wrong.  I’ve found the past weeks to be the healthiest of my days here on this green and blue sphere.  I don’t walk around guilty, I want around AWAKE.  I walk around aware and sometimes painfully aware, yes, but I’d rather sit in the stretching pain than shrink and shrivel into ignorance.

So I beg God to stretch me more.  Show me what else we can change, Lord.  Show me the true value of what we have and what we think we need.  Teach me further to be thankful for what is right here, right now.  Teach me to not linger on that which I have not, but to sit content in all these gifts I already have.  Teach me to intimately be aware of which gifts are precious and priceless and which ones are mine only to be given up and given away.

Stretched.  Stretched from the outside-in to look at life as a slow, savored journey of giving rather than a raceway of getting.  Because we truly do make a life by what we give.

 To stretch the cultural view of normal within my own heart and my own life and not be afraid.  Not even for a moment.  Because what He has for me is so, so better than anything this world can offer

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