We sit in a food court like two teenagers, talking about anything that flies into our minds.  My Mom and I – just the two of us, enjoying a rare date together while our men watch the children.  We laugh at water sloshing in the car and compliment a tacky piece of furniture and chuckle at wacky teenage fashion.  I talk endlessly, as usual.  And as usual, she listens graciously.  It’s the first time I’ve stepped in a mall in more than a year.  I realize quickly that I’ve missed nothing.  But I have missed my Mom.  This special time with my Mom – my unconditional friend through all.  This connecting – how I cherish it.

We arrive home later in the evening to two men and a child, still awake.

“Mama…  look.”  He tugs my arm as I try desperately to finish a conversation. “Mama.  LOOK!  Look what I made with Papa…”  I look upon it.  Two pieces of paper with batteries and switches and lightbulbs pasted everywhere.  “They work.  Look.”

Our seven-year-old proudly displays how his electrical contraptions easily turn on and off the little lights.  He beams.  I wonder if his Papa (my Dad) knows how Simon has desperately tried to accomplish this for weeks.  How special that time spent together was to him.  How he talks endlessly about it for hours.

And I simultaneously wonder if anyone ever truly knows how special that kind of connecting is to me.  For a girl who calls “time spent” her love language, if a loved one sits and talks with me – my soul is warmed.  My son ticks the same way.  He thrives on direct love.  Direct connection.  Direct attention.  All the time.  Yes, it’s exhausting.  But, his little soul is worth it.

The next morning-

“She’s HEEEERRRRREEEEE!”  They scream it from the window sills as a precious friend makes her way up the driveway.  Grandma.  I listen to their giggles and watch their excitement as she engages with them in a game of Uno.

These are the moments they remember.  The personal, intimate, “I want to spend time with you” moments.  I cling to them in my own life.  Surely,  they do too.  Yes, clinging to these whispers of “I love you” spoken in time.

This is the connecting of hearts.  This is the pulse of relationship.  This is what keeps us together and keeps us pasted through the days and the nights and the hard times and crazy hours.

Intentionally connect with someone special today.

A phone call.
A book.
A board game.
A chat.
A big, huge hug.

You never know how your actions warm another heart – no matter how little your efforts may seem to you.

Written for:  Five Minute Friday


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