The Spring breeze tickles the leaves and the sun warms my cheeks.  My toes are brown with soil and it’s only 8am.  We munch cereal in the grass as the children chatter about who swings best and who jumps higher.

Above us, birds sing a symphony of morning glory.  I pause long and wonder what they’re saying to each other – or to me.  These beautiful, cheery tunes, always present, but so often unheard.  A Mourning Dove bellows – breathtaking.  A Robin natters from the fence post – a familiar sound.

I hear them and breath in.  They are amplified in my awareness now.   But, really – I so often miss the chance to listen.

All of nature is a wide open opportunity to tune in to the Creator.

To embrace the spirit song.
To awaken dry bones.
To come alive to His majestic presence, everywhere.

Later, as we stroll through a familiar path, I think of the disconnect most have from nature.  We build our cities and hide people and children in buildings and we wonder why we can’t find our soul, our center.  We search for happiness and can’t realize that we’re looking for the wrong thing.   

God waits to be found. 

Forget a Church building.  I meet God most easily right here, in the middle of a leafy wood.  At the foot of a raging waterfall.  Feet wet, wading in a glistening stream, wild branches shading a sunny afternoon.  This is where the opportunity lies – to choose to open up to the spirituality all aroundTo this nature-kiss that God bestows in these beautiful places He painted with His very hands.

Seize the opportunity today.  Don’t waste it.  Won’t you go gently out to a green and lovely place and open wide to what He is saying?  Open up to those beautiful bird songs?

They whisper incredible secrets.

Written for Five Minute Friday


  • Hannah Herman

    "God waits to be found…"
    Thanks for this reminder. We spent last weekend camping, sleeping in a tent, waking up to birdsong and it was so healing, but just 5 short days later and I'm already claustrophobic and pouty. I'm craving the smell of dirt and fire smoke and green grass.

    I might not be sleeping in a tent, but I can open up the blinds!

  • Laura Wells

    While you might be right about city life, sometimes there isn't a choice. I know I can't move to a place like yours but seriously from your pictures, I want to bring my kids and come play.

    • Cassandra

      Always welcome at our home. I think nature is right there in the City, in the quiet places, the parks, a hidden nook… your own backyard… you can find it there… 🙂 xo

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