I find myself in a gentle stream where birds chirp above, minnows scatter below and the fallen trees bounce in shimmering water.  “Homeschool” at its richest.

My boots fill completely with icy water while I desperately chase a Spring frog.  I laugh hard – right out loud, so loud, everyone hears, some give me strange looks.  My kids giggle and look at each other.  It is pure, sweet, child-like joy that overtakes me in a moment that 10 years ago would have made me madder than ever.  I remember a nature walk when I did nothing but yell at my husband because my feet were ‘mucky’.

WATER in my boots?  WATER IN MY BOOTS?  Yes, water in those boots – and flowing over… pure happiness.  Haha!  Praise God for transformations.  And frogs.

And in a world obsessed with, “What do you do for a living?”, I find my LIVING right here with a glorious frog in my bucket.  And I’m fighting and learning to be completely happy to just LIVE.

To just BE…
in this moment
in this stream
in this life.

Yes, THIS life.  The life God gave specifically to me.  I’m striving madly to be in His purpose.  I’m reflecting today and I’m again realizing how backwards everything is in this crazy world.

Our culture has made life about DOING instead of BEING.

So, we ask, “What do you DO?” rather than “WHO are you?”  And we all rhyme off the things we ‘do’, getting different responses, depending on who we’re talking to.  Some of us desperately try to impress, to convince people we’re doing enough to measure up. Or at least we’re doing more than her.

I don’t want to be lost in doing – I want to be lost in loving.  Loving life, loving creation, loving these children, loving my husband, loving others, loving the moments.  Loving grace.  Loving the constant changing of my heart.  I want to be still, do nothing the world views as ‘successful’, and still, find divine purpose. 

To be ‘just a Mom’ spending mornings wholly flooded by stream water, toads, and laughter – for many, it isn’t much of an answer to the question of, “what do you do?”.  It just isn’t.

“So, Cassandra, what do YOU do?”

“Oh, I romp around with my children all day.  We play in streams and read books and eat snacks by the waterfall.  We breathe in God’s beauty.  You know, that kind of thing.”


 I’m starting to think the question “What do you do?” truly means, “What have you accomplished?”

And it’s all a matter of perspective.  A worldly view of success and identity pitted against what Christ says about why we’re here.  This should be the question at the front of a Christ-follower’s life: “who am I?”.  How we live it out determines our destiny AND our eternity.

‘If I gain the whole world and forfeit my soul…”  then what? 

Identity,  TRUE identity is found slowly, gradually.  It’s that Christianese word, ‘sanctification’, to which we are all called.   And it comes down to accepting who God Almighty has designed us to be.  And you know what I’ve realized?  If we are truly in His will – our identity might not be very impressive to others in the so-called “real world”.  We may end up with nothing but a frog in our bucket – but it will be pure bliss.  It is what it is, friends.

Overwhelming joy, however, is found sitting right smack in His arms, surrounded by the life He gave me. Surrounded by the ones he gave me.  Wet socks and all.

“What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, 
yet forfeits his soul? 
Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?”  
Matthew 16:26

Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever 
loses his life for my sake will find it.
Matthew 10:39

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  • Stacy @Sweet Surrender

    "I don't want to be lost in doing – I want to be lost in loving… I want to be still, do nothing the world views as 'successful', and still, find divine purpose." I couldn't agree more!! I love your perspective! Happy Mother's Day!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your insightful Friday moment, this was a wonderful reminder of what our human conditioning and suffering is about. The upbringing of growing up into someone that holds a title, status, designation that more than often is dictated by our environement, our parent guidance defines us. I appreciate love vs. always being, doing and striving for that recognition from an upbringing or world that judges whom we are by what we do…it is all so conditionally, sadly we are lost…sadly we find ourselves, me… at the age of 40 trying to make sense of what this is all about. Thank you for your loving muses, you are real and still searching for the deepest value of Love. Your children as so very lucky that you are teaching them core values of what life is about, and how we can become Love. Once again, all that you express resonated with me.
    Mother's Day… I am happy for all beautiful beings such as yourself that can teach a child the simplicty of BEing, and the divine purpose of how to Love.
    Warm regards.

  • amymay

    You said SO WELL the same things I'm learning, and have been learning, over the last few years of motherhood and coming closer to God. Worldly "titles" are meaningless in the reality of God's love and purpose. Thank you for sharing!

  • Cathy's Voice

    I used to hate that question, "What do you Do?". Now I love it! I simply say "I am blessed enough to be able to spend my days with these two beautiful boys that God has placed in my care and I love every minute of it!" There is no way their answer can top mine =D

    Love your blog as always! I know I talked to you a long time ago about gettting rid of cable? We did, we still watch videos with the boys but not very often and not regular TV. Life is so much sweeter without it! Maybe one day I will get rid of them all? Maybe 😉 {tiny steps…}

  • Susi aka Sinead

    Great post. The world today is SO much about doing, being good at things, being successful. I've been in some kind of crisis lately about work, and what I really want and what I do things for. I've been so close to quitting my job just like that, to have time to just LIVE my life and have time to enjoy it. Now I didn't, but I'm going to change my job situation to eventually be able to do what I really want to do.
    I think it's great that you're able to just get out there and really LIVE, and show your kids what life is anout, what means anything.

  • Jennifer Fink

    That is homeschooling at its finest indeed! Those pictures remind me so much of the times the boys and I have spent at a similar-looking woods with a similar-looking stream. So much fun and so much learning and so much "being!"

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