Gift (of time)

For me, gifts come in various forms.  I’ve never been a lover of gifts nor expectant of them.  I’m appreciative of a pretty box wrapped in a bow, but, there are much deeper, more meaningful ways to tell me “I love you”.  And I’m convinced there is a universal gift everyone deeply cherishes more than anything that can be packaged.

Time.  The gift of time.

After all, don’t the majority of humans share that Love Language?  The native Love Tongue of time spent?  And in a culture where the phrase “time is money” is so often muttered, could time not be considered a kind of sacred currency?

Our time is short.  Our days are numbered.  One day the hourglass will run out.  So, to give someone your time is a gift deeper than we often consider.  But isn’t it also the gift too often spared, overlooked.  Too undervalued.  Too wasted?

I’ve given too many minutes to complaint.  To ungratefulness.  To believing I was in ‘the grind’.

I’ve wasted hours on entertaining myself with uselessness.

I’ve forgotten to pay attention.  Opten for the tune out rather than the plug in.  Maybe I’m just selfish.  Maybe I didn’t realize it.  But, friends, I can’t beging to describe how I’ve started to awaken wildly to this truth of the fragility of our days.

I’ve started to realize the holiness, the sacredness of time.  The truth behind the gift of time I can give to others, and they give to me.  The truth behind the gift of time God gives to ME.

Time is not to be trampled on.
Time is not to be wasted.
Time is a gift I can give back to God and invest in others.

Scripture tells us where our money is, there our heart will be also.

So, in our world of  ‘time is money’, could the same not ring true of our hours?  Look where I spend my minutes, my days, my weeks, my years… there you will find my heart. 

I’ll be transparant and tell you, this thought is freeing and scary… humbling.

The Gift of Time… I’m going to soak it up today, give it away today, accept it today, give thanks for it today, right now.  Right here.  In this very hour.

Written for:
Five Minute Friday


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