The Love Tree

In our family we call Valentine’s Day, “Love Day”.  Our daughter coined it when she was three and since it’s so darn cute, we stuck with it.  So, on this, the day before the offical “Love Day”, I thought I’d share this special activity.

This year, we created a Love Tree.  It’s a fun, easy, simple way to bring a sunny display of nature indoors but also encourages children to think about the people they love and the things they are thankful for.  For ours, we also added the names of people we are praying for on a daily basis.

I loved creating this because it was a several step process that included a lot of family time and no consumption (ie: shopping).  Makes for a really pretty and interesting center piece on the table too!

Our Love Tree photo journey…

A nature walk on a beautiful day, searching for the perfect fallen twigs and branches for The Tree –

Clinging to the effort to embrace the simple things and reduce the consumption…

Keeping it simple: recycled cardstock for the tags, re-used pieces of raffia as ties.
For the vase?  A recycled glass milk jar.
Sitting quietly around this morning’s kitchen table, we put together this little journey. We thought of those we loved, and those we pray for. We wrote on our cut-outs, decorated them, and carefully hung them on what seemed like sacred branches.  This was surely an art activity, but it is so much more.  Our plan as a family is to use the Love Tree as a prayer list as well as a gratitude ‘journal’ of sorts.  We will continue to add to it and use it daily for reflection.

Gratitude is the memory of the heart.
  ~Jean Baptiste Massieu

 “What makes life sweet?”

“Who should we be praying for and thinking about?”

“Who else should we pray for?”

“Who are we thankful for?”

“What do we cherish?”

From our family to yours, Happy Love Day!
Cherish it.


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