Hope for the Lonely Mom…

I remember when our eldest was a baby – I was young, unprepared, and felt exasperated most of the time. To describe me as a ‘nervous new Mom’ would be huge understatement. I mean, I would leap out of bed like a shot when our son but whimpered. I would cry uncontrollably, head in hands, outside his bedroom door when he screamed in his crib, even after two hours of cuddling and rocking him to sleep. I had a pile of parenting books stacked high and my child was only 6 months old. I felt like I had no idea what I was doing as a parent and lacked the confidence to mingle at “Mommy and Me” groups where I was told I could ‘make other Mom friends’.

Then our second baby came, then the third. Boom, boom, boom. My quiver was more than full and I was impossibly overwhelmed with three babies under the age of three. I remember the days I would sit with my arms around my children, one nursing, one crying, and one screaming – and me, weeping. Weeping because I didn’t know how to handle the meltdowns, the never-ending needs, the tears falling, the arguments mounting. During the day, when I was at home, I felt so incredibly alone, and I. turned. to. no. one…

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  • Amy S

    Cassandra– I LOVED this post! I only have one.. but so often have WISHED someone would come by in the younger years… Now my son has adapted into this amazing preschooler … who plays contentedly when I need a break .. but oh so often I would have just loved a HUG .. from someone dealing with the same thing! BEAUTIFUL post! and wonderful reminder to do the same for other moms!

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